Our Political Narrative Finally Matures: Healthcare Rally with Bernie & Co

Great speeches. Tough and spot-on words being spoken at last. Finally, the language is evolving with which we can make change happen.

When the devious 13-senator wealthcare plan (sic) was revealed late last week, Bernie Sanders and various working class people spoke out at a rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The video coverage, though it starts out a bit lame and has some interspersed lulls, is well worth watching or listening to because here, at last, we can witness a real change, a real maturing, of the narrative in our public discourse. At last, people are rightfully and unabashedly questioning the humanity of those robber billionaires who scheme to add more to their already astronomic wealth at the expense of tens of thousands of the rest of us having to die untimely deaths, and many more of us having to suffer great pain and agony from lack of medications and treatments. 

When these robber billionaires sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of American grandparents and CHILDREN – as well as yet more people of all ages – on the altar of money, then indeed, where is their humanity? Do they even have red blood slushing through their veins, or are they filled with some yellowish ichor, like that which oozes out of roaches when they are squashed? These creeps sure behave like roaches or blood-sucking parasites. For shame! What right to life do they have, they who deny us our right to live so they can indulge even more in their monetary greed? In what sense can they still claim to be human?

As the crowd at the rally was chanting, and we all should chant every chance we get: Shame! Shame! Shame! At long last, Americans are waking up to the realization of how far gone these robber billionaires are. They — not poor and desperate young people from our slums — are the human predators we have been hearing about. We can not remain stuck in innocent slumber any longer, thinking that such murderous parasites won’t harm us. They have now proven beyond any doubt that our lives mean nothing to them; and they are obsessed with not only enriching themselves beyond all tangible measure, but with keeping us so poor and struggling that we won’t find the time to look up from our daily struggle for survival and see what they are doing to us. It’s their plan to keep us kicking water too hard to be able to organize to end their evil machinations. And now they are going to kill many of us in the process. Therefore, the time for our innocent slumber is now over. Many of our lives are on the line, when the Senate vote comes in only a few days!

Back when the (apparently somewhat less harmful) House bill came out, I calculated that within the first 12 months, a minimum of 13,500 Americans would go to their graves as a result — a very conservative estimation, because I lacked the data to take into account that most of those losing their healthcare to this wealthcare bill are also the very people who need health coverage the most to stay alive. Those who are kicked off or priced out of heath coverage by this venal law proposal would have to be average in their healthcare needs, rather than the most vulnerable among us, in order to stay at this “low” number of 13,500. The true number will be much higher, therefore. Still, even the conservative estimate of 13,500 men, women, and children to die untimely deaths in the first 12 months, is an awful number. How can these robber billionaires be so unfathomably cruel if they are human? Is there even one among them who uses his or her wealth to stop this crime?

Here is the video coverage of the Pittsburgh Rally, followed by some things we can do:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Don’t Take Our Health Care Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania”)

The Senate bill looks even more cruel and deadly than the House bill, only more sneakily so.

Let’s do what we can to fight this high crime. I am not particularly enthusiastic about Moveon.org’s participation in the rally, since I haven’t forgotten that they did nothing about Obama’s corruption and, last year, championed the equally corrupt Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate after the “Democratic” primary heist. Such support of corrupt party leaders won’t get us out of the political swamp any more than Trump’s false campaign promises will. Still, the number (787753) which their speaker gave out, might be useful for smartphone owners. You’re supposed to receive text updates on the fight against this deadly wealthcare bill if you text the word “protect” to that number.

Furthermore, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare has been fighting for a long time to protect what little bit of a social safety net we have in our country (pititfully small compared to our peer nations), and it continues to fight Trumpcare. You can donate some money to them to help their fight.

You also don’t need to wait for organizations to organize a fight for you. You can ring phones off the hook and tell your senators what you think of them or want them to do. For that, you can simply go to this link:


and find your senators (and House reps) by your Zip Code. (They and their staff take you more seriously when you’re from the same Zip Code.) Clicking on one of them gets you their phone number and website.

Support alternative media and citizen journalism. Support this site. Also, consider joining The People’s Platform (USA).

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