Look Here and See Our Plutocrats in the Flesh

This report is from the early phase of the last election cycle, but still very relevant, because we get to see what those few money-aristocrats who control our government and economy look and sound like; how slimy and mendacious at least some of them are.

These are the kinds of human predators who destroy our environment, ruin our lives, and rob us of any say. They are the types who even let us die for their profit in money-making military wars, from pollution, or by gutting our healthcare coverage to fund giant tax breaks for themselves. The ones presented here are only two crooked members of the ruling American aristocracy that, according to the show-cased TV “news” show, consists of about 150 quasi-royal families. Nevertheless, they give us a representative sample. It drives home the point that the oligarchy of the plutocrats doesn’t only exist in theory. No, the thieving and scheming robber billionaires are very real, and they are our world’s personified evil which drives all the rigging against us:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Charles Koch Puzzled Everyone Hates Him”)

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One thought on “Look Here and See Our Plutocrats in the Flesh

  1. What’s to “love” about the Koch Brothers really? They’re selfish, immoral Libertarians who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Screw them! Power to the people!


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