We Are So Out-Donated on Political Campaigns, We Are Letting Our Information Sources Die

Truthout, which for the longest time has been providing trustworthy and critical news coverage unlike all those mainstream media — the same Truthout about whose hair-raising revelations I have often reported here — just gave out a final desperate yell for financial help. For years, Truthout has always survived on reader donations (like I would like to do, too). In their current fund drive, they have whittled down the missing donations amount to about $10,000. However, after all our donating to Bernie Sanders and other anti-corporate candidates and campaigns, we seem to be reaching our limit. Truthout writes: 

We desperately need your help. This is the final message of our campaign and we still need to raise $10,260. It’s going to take 1,000 people giving about 10 bucks each to get us there. Can we count on you to be one? Donations have been slower than usual and we need to pick things up. Please click … and help us out.”

Here is Truthout’s donations link.

I really wish that we alternative media were receiving a fraction of the support given to political candidates (some of whom take it sitting down when they are cheated out of the race via election rigging, and some of whom talk the talk but never walk the walk). When all the information we get comes from lying establishment media, how are we, the people, going to know what’s really going on and what we can do to move from an ever worsening hell on earth to the beautiful world we could have?

Please support alternative media like Truthout and this here site. When you lack money, you can help in other ways like by sharing links and building audience size.

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