With friends like Democrats, Who Needs Republicans? (Jimmy Dore + Commentary)

With friends like these so-called “Democrats” (D-corporatists), who needs enemies (R-corporatists)?

In Jimmy Dore’s video below, meet another crook or two from our Impossibility Party (the “Democratic” Party). It shoes us how the twin-party tyranny leaves us with no option within traditional voting and much reason for a new party

On one side, we have the R-corporatists working openly for the rich, justifying their venal behavior with the pretext of “conservatively” conserving the status-quo of our world. This absurd justification seems to appeal to a certain segment of the people who were raised to regard the status-quo as how the world not only is but actually should be, namely a rigid hierarchy one must “man up” to tolerate, accept, and work within. A world of stuffed suits above workers, men above women, faith above thinking, whites above non-whites… even though the original Republican Party, long ago, was the anti-slavery party, mind you!

So, the traditional Republican voter mentality seems to be to buckle under, know your place, accept your rotten place as long as it’s not the very lowest place, because – as long as you have another group below you, say Blacks or immigrants – you can then still feel better off than those handful of others; and that’s all you can hope for in life — that and fighting everybody else off of any piece of the pie you somehow got, since it’s a dog eat dog world, after all, in which one only shares with friends or family. Your pride comes from working hard (if you’re lucky to have a job or business), or from being placed higher than others on our dungheap society, and from stolidly accepting our systemic injustice, the popular sneer being: Who said that life was fair? Meanwhile, anybody who tries to rock the boat to make things better for everybody, including you, is amoral since you confuse the status-quo with morality because a firm hierarchy like this, a firm chain of command, resembles the family you grew up in — and how could that have been bad? Yes, there is a reason why unthinking people flock to “conservative” and fascist parties. They feel like home.

I always try to turn on the thinking in those voters, so they can think themselves out of that unthinking trap. After all, in the end, we have much the same needs, dreams, and wishes — and all deserve a better world. Dog-eat-dog does not befit us. And whenever stuffed shirts rip us off, they do not “earn” their wealth and power. So much for the morality of our rigged system.

On the other side of the fence, across which the ball of power keeps being good-naturedly passed, we have the neoliberal D-corporatists. Whenever nobody is looking, they work for the rich directly when they do things like repeal the social reforms of the very New Deal the D-Party once famously got us, or when they pass a mild improvement with many serious downsides, like Obamacare instead of Medicare for All). But when they can’t fly under the radar, they pull another dirty trick: They pay lip service to things like Medicare for All (often badly named “single-payer”) but sabotage it as soon as it comes up for vote, justifying their betrayal by claiming that it’s simply impossible. Whether they are still in “elected” office or thereafter lazying around on a health insurance company’s board of directors (watching some $300,000 in bribes rolling in for them every year), they are in reality nothing but corporatist lobbyists; and the job of corporatist lobbyists always is, always has been, and always will be, to undermine democracy. Indeed, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Democratic Leader Caught Bragging About Killing Single Payer”)

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2 thoughts on “With friends like Democrats, Who Needs Republicans? (Jimmy Dore + Commentary)

  1. As one could expect, all our establishment politicians being corporatists. “Both” main parties essentially being one. It’s better not to fight one arm of a gangster and aid the other. Break them both!


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