Together for Medicare for All

There is nothing about the northern latitude that makes it possible to have universal healthcare in Canada but impossible for us. When is the last time we Americans looked north across the border for progress we want to emulate? We thought we were the greatest after we defeated Nazi Germany and imperial Japan in World War II (never giving full credit to our allies, especially the USSR which took the brunt of Hitler’s armies). Do we still feel like the greatest when healthcare is a human right in all our peer countries while millions of us can’t get any, suffering great pain and dying avoidable deaths by the tens of thousands each year? Do we have any reason to feel great when tens of thousands of us die prematurely each year because available medical treatments were withheld from them? Can we be proud of propping up health insurance billionaires with the blood money gained from thousands dead each year? 

In Canada, everybody benefits. Children of low-income families benefit. Workers who enjoy the same good healthcare as their bosses and politicians benefit. Seniors whose retirement income may not be all that high benefit. Do you know who else benefits? Businesses! Businesses who don’t have to shoulder the burden of providing overpriced health insurance for their employees because they all already have better insurance than private insurers could provide. And the Canadian government’s insurance doesn’t have to finance the kinds of overpriced treatments and drugs, because the government there does its job and prevents the price gouging which is so common here in the U.S. That’s why government-run universal health coverage is so much cheaper than our greed-driven private insurance jungle where some providers gouge us knowing that insurers will pay and the insurers gouge us knowing that they have us over a barrel.

Is there rationing of services or overlong wait times, as opponents of universal healthcare often allege? Maybe. Maybe not. I am not Canadian. These things vary from country to country, and we have plenty such problems here in the U.S., too (just try to get an appointment for a case of Tourette syndrome, for example; I wish you good luck, far-ranging transportation, and a long life to finally get it). These kinds of trouble tend to be structural and are fixable. They are not the necessary consequence of a public insurance system, nor do private insurances protect us from them. The only people in our country who can avoid wait times or scarcity of services are the very wealthy who can buy themselves preferential customer treatment. That’s all, and it doesn’t benefit working Americans in the slightest.

It is high time we put aside party line divisions. It is time for “Democratic” voters, Republican voters, any party voters, and independents to stand for Medicare for All, together! Poor Blacks, poor Hispanics, poor Whites, working class people of all colors — we all need this and must join forces! Great healthcare must no longer be reserved for billionaires, millionaires, some lucky high-income professionals, and the members of Congress – the same Congress that is trying to cut our coverage even more now, so they can give even greater tax breaks to themselves and their wealthy cronies from the billionaire class! It’s time we stand together for the healthcare we all – except for the super-rich – need. Together for Medicare for All! The cause is just, and the time is now!

There is a nice article on CounterPunch Magazine along much the same lines of what I just wrote. It reports from a demonstration where signs were raised like: “Medicaid, not Millionaires”; “No Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Trickle Down Does Not Work”; “The Only Minority Destroying America is the Rich”; “Health Care, Not Wealth Care”; and “Trumpcare Kills the Poor to Pay the Rich!”

So, let’s come together, all of us in America, to join the modern world of healthcare!

If you want to take action, you can call Congress to stop the murderous healthcare repeal bill and demand Medicare for All:  866-426-2631

If you want to tell your own state’s senators or your own district’s House members what you think, you can go to THIS link:

and find your senators and house reps by Zip Code. Clicking on one of them gets you their phone number and website. Tell them to stop haggling over tweaks to our system of corporate greed. Tell them Trumpcare is reason for them never to be re-elected, and that saving Obamacare is not enough, either. Tell them the time has arrived for Medicare for All.

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2 thoughts on “Together for Medicare for All

  1. “Can we be proud of propping up health insurance billionaires with the blood money gained from thousands dead each year? ”

    Exactly. We need to print this question on a billion bumper stickers and t-shirts and billboards and get the message out. Trumpcare is Wealth Care not health care. #medicareforall


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