Private Health Insurances: They are Protection Rackets

Give us money or you will suffer and die:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for title: “Mal Hyman for Congress” and “My Stance on Healthcare”)

Mal Hyman is spot-on describing our private health insurances as protection rackets. Pay us through the nose or suffer and die. That’s exactly how mafiosi make their rounds to collect your hard-earned money. Doctors and nurses don’t talk that way, but they need to get paid for their work like everyone else. Unfortunately, this means that when we get seriously sick, so that treatment costs exceed our savings, we are in deep trouble if we can’t pay. 

That’s where insurance comes in: to spread the risk among all of us, so that all of us pay the doctors and nurses and hospitals and pharmacies a small monthly amount that we can afford, and then no-one of us ever finds him- or herself unable to pay after a bad car accident or a sudden cancer diagnosis. That’s how insurance works. The only problem arises when the insurance is run by greedy, profit-seeking robber billionaires who add a huge profit margin on top of the spread-out risk, and when certain medical specialists and pharmaceutical corporations likewise choose to price-gouge us, knowing that in many cases private insurances will pay inflated costs since those insurers can simply pass the price hike on to us. This is where a public-run system like Medicare can step in, drop the profiteering and huge bureaucratic overhead from the equation and also negotiate acceptable prices for drugs and treatments.

That’s the way to do price-efficient healthcare coverage and cover everyone, not just a lucky percentage of us. — Even our businesses would benefit by us all being insured without them having to arm-wrestle with private insurers.

Now, some people always harp that foreigners visit the U.S. for treatments, implying that our system is better. It is definitely possible for rich foreigners to buy top-of-the-line treatments here for which they might have to wait in line with everybody else in their countries. We do have the same high tech medicine as other first world countries, after all. Healthcare for the rich isn’t healthcare for the rest of us, though, and auctioning off health to the highest bidder is a horrible way to love thy neighbor. We all deserve healthcare when we get sick! Letting the rich jump the line and the rest of us fall off the back of the wagon isn’t right. The way to go, for a rich nation like ours, is to focus less on building weapons of mass destruction and more on guaranteeing everybody life and the pursuit of happiness (which includes health!). Naturally, all sorts of problems (including availability of specialists) can arise in socialized healthcare systems, no less than in privatized ones like ours. The correct reaction is to overcome such shortages, not to favor the rich and discriminate against the rest. — Besides, many Americans also travel to other countries for healthcare. The term is medical tourism. Some do it for access, some for costs. I myself have done it when I couldn’t afford care in the States.

If I were living in South Carolina’s 7th District, I’d sure vote for Mal Hyman who says he accepts no donations from corporations or big banks and that he stands for Medicare for All. These are the kinds of candidates we need to put in office all over the country, at the federal, state, and local levels. One Bernie, Tulsi, Nina, Jill or such in the White House simply won’t be enough to turn our corporatist government into a people’s government. Hence, whether electoral assistance comes from organizations like the Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, the Green Party, one of the slowly rising socialist parties, or Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, or whatever, the way ahead is clear: Only vote for true people’s candidates, regardless of party affiliation!

We know what we want (for example Medicare for All), and only candidates who share our goals (and don’t take big bribes from the robber billionaires, proving they only pay lip service while they want our votes but serve another master) are good enough for us.

Mal Hyman also has a Facebook page, by the way. Keep your eyes peeled for similar candidates where you live. It may be as simple as looking up your district on Support Progressives! a site which aggregates candidates endorsed by pro-people, anti-corporatist organizations.

To conclude, here is another quick video (which I shared before), explaining what an albatross around the neck of American business our current profit-driven healthcare system is:

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