How the Bandits Took Over

Wake up, everybody! We are worthy of more than mere crumbs from our powerful economy. We, who do all the human work, definitely deserve more than a few crumbs while all the rest of our fruits of labor goes to the exclusionary, private club of the billionaire class that rips us off at every turn and ends up “owning” our entire world by the process of raking in all this loot. 

The devious infiltration by neoliberals has led to governments all over our globe, and right here in the U.S., relinquishing their responsibility to defend working people’s interests. It has also knee-capped the old worker organizations (called trade unions, which gave us an end to child labor, a 40 hour week, safer working conditions, and livable wages). And thus most of us have seen nothing but stagnating and sinking wages since the 1980’s, so that now both parents in a family must usually work to make ends meet, no-one having any time left to properly raise our children or care for our elderly whom those of us who can afford it are forced to dump into expensive child care centers and senior homes which in turn tighten the financial noose around our necks even more.

It’s a real vicious circle if there ever was one. The same goes for how the decline in our earnings and rise in our living expenses has pushed so many of us into taking on credit and end up as debt slaves to the banks. Conveniently, the banks were deregulated to enable exactly that. They were further deregulated to enable their Wall Street speculations by which the billionaires divide up our world among themselves as if they alone were born into this world as people, and the rest of us are merely here to serve them.

The timeline of the billionaire’s coup which took over our country:

  1. the Red Scare in the first half of the 20th Century (continued as the Cold War thereafter) to misrepresent, smear, and abolish the worker movements, socialism, etc.
  2. 1970’s: the spreading around of the neoliberal religion and authoring of the Powell Memo (the corporate coup’s plan of action)
  3. 1970’s: legalization of political bribing (1976 and 1978 Supreme Court rulings) , founding a growing army of corporate lobbyists which today numbers 42,000
  4. 1980’s: governments stopping to protect workers from corporate greed which resulted in the stagnation and sinking of our wages ever since
  5. 1980’s: political parties that used to represent workers running over to the corporate-bribes side, leaving us with no major party to represent us (only parties to pretend they do)
  6. 1990’s to now: the final fire sale run of the robber billionaires on our last possessions and rights: Glass-Steagall repeal; NAFTA and other globalist “free” trade treaties; Welfare cuts; criminalization of the poor and creation of profit-making private prisons; Internet bubble; expansion of wars to benefit the arms and war-making corporations; laws and institutions for surveillance and silencing of dissent in blatant violation of our constitution (including even criminalization of protest and allowing our government to disappear anybody without due process); real estate bubble; bailing out the banks readying them for the next economic bubble; ever more fierce election rigging; mandates to buy private health insurance instead of expanding Medicare; raids on social security and Medicaid to shift our money to the rich (via simultaneous tax breaks for the rich)…

It is time for us all to realize that everything is at stake now: our livelihoods; our freedoms; our right to form our government to be of, by, and for us; our country which hardly differs from a banana republic any more, and our planet which is experiencing a mass extinction and shows worrying signs of climate change we are either causing or at least not preparing for.

In all of this, liberty is a feeling hardly any of us can even remember anymore. Sometimes, when I am between jobs (which happens regularly), I inhale a breath of air and do remember the old feeling of being free. Then I have to return to my desperate job search and am right back in the depressed mental state of a system-condemned worker who only exists to serve the rich, be abused by employers, and survive on crumbs.

We must wake up from our long slumber and the propaganda lullabies the major parties and corporate media have been singing to us. We suffer in our lives because we have evil people at the top who have rigged our economy and politics against us keeping us locked in a servile mentality where we think it is normal to suffer like we do and live on mere crumbs from our work. They keep us trapped in opposing political party camps barking at each other when we should recognize our common cause. We must stop them now before all is lost. We must take back our government and the rest of our country. We were not born to be serfs. Our founders must be turning in their graves. Likewise, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt are surely spinning so fast over the crimes their political parties are committing that they are probably half-way to China by now.

Sorry, my job search left me no time to provide links in this article this time. It could be different if I had sponsors for this work (which you can become, by the way).

A review of some of the history I listed above you can also listen to in the below video starting about 42 minutes in:


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4 thoughts on “How the Bandits Took Over

  1. Don’t forget Citizens United which made “money IS speech” a reality for the corporatists,effectively silencing the voice of the people. It’s high time for revolution!


  2. The 1976 Buckley v. Valeo, 424 US 1 Supreme Court decision established that “money is speech.”

    Then, 1978 First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, 435 U.S. 765 established that Corporations are Human Beings, so they have the same speech rights as people. Combining this with the Buckley v. Valeo decision, they can give money to politicians.

    The infamous, much better known, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 558 U.S. 310 decision of 2010 basically just reaffirmed the above combination of arguments, making it official that all stops have been pulled out, or – in Cenk Uygur’s words – they just shot a dead horse. (it may have pulled out the stops from “outside spending,” but I am not sure) Indeed, political bribery in the U.S. had been “legal” and rampant for decades, much to my almost lifelong bafflement. (I wrote about this a while back: )

    Represent.Us also has a video on it:

    Gist: Citizens United is only one brick in the wall of our systemic political corruption. The fight to overcome it is much bigger (and, in the end, can’t stop at purely political fixes — we actually need to fix our economy and ownership laws and our national mentality to uproot it for good). 😉


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