Our ISISian “Friend” Saudi Arabia

Despite of all the horrendous problems we have back at home, you hopefully have paid enough attention to the world at large to know our two major allies in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia. Perhaps you have even heard of the massive arms sales from our soil to Saudi Arabia.

But what else do we know about our beloved ally whom we are currently helping to bomb the $#*% out of its neighbor Yemen?

The video report below can tell you a lot:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Empire Files: The Real House of Saud”)

Some Saudi highlights: 

  • Frequent public beheadings, stonings, maimings, and even crucifications. Perhaps the latter is why Saudi Arabia just has to be our best friend beloved by such born-again Christians like G.W. Bush as well as our other presidents and Secretaries of State (incl. HRC). Crucifications are so nostalgic to us, no?
  • massive discrimination against women who are almost like pets and animals of burden kept by men
  • 30% of residents (namely invited foreign workers) being kept like slaves, stripped of their passports upon arrival, and often denied pay, mobility and family contact
  • medieval culture almost identical to ISIS
  • major donor to, and ally of, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and – depending on which sources you believe – providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIS.
  • secret donor to American presidential campaigns (Please ignore. Instead, scream Russia, Russia, Russia as mindlessly as possible!)
  • sponsorship of Wahabism around the world
  • breeding ground and (according to lead author of the partially still classified 9/11 Report) the principle financier of the 9/11 hijackers

Of course, it isn’t the American people – it isn’t you or me – who are the buddies or cronies of this despotic family of Saudi tyrants who run a savagely brutal police state to maintain absolute power and who spread Wahabism and terrorism to stifle democratic movements in the Middle East. It’s our own despotic oligarchs who are in bed with them. Still, when victims in the Middle East see the US-Saudi connection, they connect us with it, you and me, and so we (not our despicable robber billionaires and their millionaire minions) become the targets of vindictive terrorism. As always, all is well at the top of the dungheap while we get to bear the costs. The conclusion is clear: as long as oligarchs rule, the rest of the people suffer, both here and world-wide.

A side note: Meddling in the Middle East is always problematic because of the long-standing tug of war between religious extremists who want a brutal theocracy of medieval world view on one side, and brutal secular power mongers who repress both religious extremism and democratic movements in order to maintain their hold on power on the other side. It’s kind of odd, isn’t it, that our “American” oligarchs and state institutions like the CIA consistently favor the most savagely brutal of despotic police states in the region with close ties to religious extremism, actively keeping them in power, while they fiercely fight and topple much more benign, secular-minded police states — in the end always resulting in yet another brutal regime, even a brutal theocracy, and ultimately furthering Islamist extremism rather than democratic movements. Odd, huh? Or maybe not so odd, considering the trend away from democracy right here back in the States, where mostly only the trappings of democracy survive while, in reality, the super-rich “own” and control everything?

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