It’s No Time to Let Our Guard Down

If you keep reading my blog, you now know that the big fish in our government (White House, Congress, etc.) not only betray us for the sake of campaign contributions and follow-up lobbyist jobs or “speaking engagement” kickbacks (and the occasional insider trading) from the robber billionaires, but even play the stock market against us. You die from denied healthcare, your insurance company pockets the difference, and our so-called representatives in Congress buy the quick-to-rise insurance stocks to make their own additional killing — in more than one way. That’s the plan.

So, when you consider their unbridled greed and unswerving resolution to do us in for their financial profit, don’t get too cocky when you hear that the Senate version of the wealthcare (sic) bill called Trumpcare collapsed this Monday. The corporate media may very well just be trying to lull us into sleep. The congressional goons have been coming for our money and our lives like an army of frenzied demons from hell ever since Trump took office. (admittedly, this raid has been going on for decades — the only difference: they have rallied this year in a frenzy such as I can’t recall — it’s like the last fire sale before the whole system collapses)

So, all our protesting and donating efforts had the bill fail on Monday. Yay!!! But can we now rest on our laurels and feels safe? I say no.

(You can look for local actions of Indivisible here or donate to the NCPSSM.)

Remember when the House version was first defeated? The goons reconvened and snuck it through in a snap vote shortly after anyway. And this Monday, when enough Republican senators came out against the Trumpcare bill to let it fail — them having taken more heat from protesting voters than they could tolerate anymore — Mitch McConnell instantly changed tacks, announcing that he’d hold a vote on a repeal of Obamacare without any replacement. It would mean that our insurance companies could instantly return to denying us care over sneaky little loopholes like pre-existing conditions, life caps, and so forth while raising premiums through the roof, no holds barred.

Three Republican senators (Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Shelley Moore Capito) have announced that they’ll vote no on that, too. If they do, the vote will likely fail. Still, McConnell announced last night that the vote will be held one week from now, and Senate Republicans are meeting with Trump today. I’m sure they aren’t doing this to just watch a movie together. It’s clear, they want to keep trying to make our already lousy health coverage even worse for their profit. And the only reason our equally corrupt neoliberal Democrats aren’t in on it, is that the two political gangs which monopolize political power in our country swap power and their feeding times back and forth to always give us the impression that another side exists in our politics, the one to represent us. Only, neither of them represents us. Our only chance to get political representation is to either swarm one of these parties with ourselves or – more likely to succeed – create a new party out of the disenchanted base of one of these two gangs and crush the old party with it — ideally a party with bottom-up decision making processes rather than the so easily corrupted top-down decision structures of the current twin-party tyranny. But I digress…

Here is Bernie Sanders’ reaction to the bill failure on Monday:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Reaction to the Implosion of Trumpcare”)

I just want to remind you, even as we celebrate a temporary victory with Bernie Sanders, the run on our possessions and lives isn’t over. Health coverage may yet be made worse (bad as it already is), and the horrible Trump budget calls for hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid, as well as many other government programs, all to cut the returns we get on our taxes and give yet more tax breaks to the rich.

The fire sale of our country to the robber billionaires is still on. Therefore we mustn’t let our guard down after a temporary victory; and we mustn’t restrict ourselves to mere resistance, because sooner or later we will be worn down by the goons who make millions betraying us while in political office. Keeping up the pressure is well worth the effort for them. They retire rich. That’s their undying incentive. For us, merely resisting will become ever more tiring. We need to boost our own energy by not just resisting but fighting for progress, great wonderful progress for ourselves, such as Medicare for All (or even Medicaid for All!), a more just and fair taxation in which the rich pay their fair share and we can finally reduce our tax burden, the disappearance of our strangling health insurance premiums when they become government financed (this will raise taxes, but not nearly as much as we will save on insurance premiums, especially when we tax fairly, meaning mostly at the top), money out of politics, a universal basic income and federal job guarantee, and so forth.

Let us not grow comfortable too soon. Let us keep up the fight for a great country and world to live in. We not only want to fight off horrible attacks. We actually want to save and improve our lives. That is our incentive.

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2 thoughts on “It’s No Time to Let Our Guard Down

  1. Bernie is fast becoming one of the most trusted voices in America. He’s the only politician in DC that people believe he’ll do as he says. That’s something all right. Wish the mainstream media hadn’t blacked out coverage of him in 2016. So many who love Bernie now would have been supporting him then. And he’s right–we’ve gotta keep fighting until we get health care for all. It may be here sooner than we think.


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