This Man, Tim Canova, Can Wipe the Floor with Deplorable Wasserman Schultz!

If you don’t yet know Tim Canova very well, here you can take a good look at this apparently long-time Bernie ally. He talks darn smart (I had no idea he was this knowledgeable and astute (much like Bernie)), and – unlike last year, when he jumped into the ring late to fight back at this corporate hack who had been abusing her position as DNC Chair to rig the primaries against Bernie – he is getting started in good time this year to oust her in 2018. When you consider that he lost by only a few thousand votes last year after entering the race way late against a corporatist with tons of money and the entire “Democratic” Party establishment backing her up, I’d say he’s bound to send her packing. I, for one, will rejoice. May the door hit her on the way out.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “[69] Tim Canova Talks About Corrupt Democrats With Lee Camp”)

Starting on time, Canova should be able to win such a landslide support that it will overwhelm any voting machine hacking that may be brought to bear against him. Nevertheless, he plans to do the right thing: save up money for an election audit. With our long and growing tradition of election hacking this is something every real people’s candidate should do. (Any Russians trying to hack our elections, as certain propagandists keep asserting, they would be really late to the game and would have to take a number, sez I.) We need clean elections, and that not only means getting corporate and billionaire money out of political campaigns but also having open primaries, party-independent districting, party-independent election running and vote counting, and – yes – auditing of the vote counts, especially of any voting machines (at least until we get rid of voting machines entirely like our betters, the Europeans, already did long ago because they present too much of an hacking risk).

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