Big News, URGENT ACTIONS, and Good Reads this Week (7-25-2017)

Some of these we better act on TODAY! 

Connecting McCain’s Tragic Diagnosis to Trumpcare ’Is the Goddamn Point’ (Common Dreams )
Quote: “a for-profit system that increasing numbers of people realize is both inhumane and beyond repair… We should be for one another. We should fight for each other’s life with all that we have.”

The newly released House budget plan calls for ending traditional Medicare.
Here you can sign the petition against this horror put up by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

This week, Demand Progress is hand delivering over 50,000 petition signatures to Congress to tell them: shut down the NSA’s ability to snoop on Americans under Section 702.
If we hurry, we can still sign!

Wall Street sharks are out this week to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so that they can rip us off and sink our economy again with even less of the current flimsy protections for us in their way.
People’s Action has a petition out which you can sign.

I haven’t been able to get comprehensive news on today’s planned Senate repeal of Obamacare (without any replacement!) — perhaps because I have to spend time struggling for financial survival (ugh, I need to get back to that!), and I don’t make money with this blog (yet,
you could change that). I did find these two video clips and a Trump speech praising the development (which is so… disturbing… that I won’t show it… it’s only a speech, after all… not worth getting our spirits down):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “SENATE AND THE GALLERY PROTESTS PASSING OF PROCEEDING ON TRUMPCARE 07 25 2017”)

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Senate Just Voted To Start Debating Health Care After Vice President Pence Uses Tie-break | TIME”)

Wait! I just got an interpretation by People’s Action floating in: “The Senate just passed a motion to proceed with repealing our health care. A final vote on the Senate bill is expected by the end of this week. And senators themselves still don’t know which version of the bill they are going to vote on.” Hmm… this is still not crystal clear but definitely ominous. People’s Action has thrown up this page for us to vote NO on the repeal.

Just remember, friends, we have to fight for single-payer, A.K.A. Medicare for All or even Medicaid for All. Healthcare for all of us as a human right without money blocking our right to life, happiness, and dignity (for ourselves and our loved ones) must be our ultimate healthcare goal. And shame on John McCain (if his mind was functioning when he was flown in shortly after his brain surgery) who showed up to vote for this latest assault on Americans’ healthcare, he himself having just received the care he is denying to so many. He and his cronies in Congress don’t believe that our families deserve the same life saving care they get. Shame!


P.S.: If you didn’t see my earlier post today, there’s also URGENT action for us to take to protect free speech and the right to dissent in our ever more despotic country. Boy, what a busy week! The sharks, piranhas, and leeches are coming from all sides again in a feeding frenzy.

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