URGENT: Stop This Now! — Criminalizing Protest and Free Speech — Where? In America, Of Course!

To stop it in its tracks, we must act now! Lee Camp, of Redacted Tonight, clearly felt that warning us about this next step in the criminalization of free speech in our country could not wait for the next episode of his show:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “URGENT: Congress Considering Bipartisan Bill To Make Political Activism A Felony!”)

Alert! This isn’t about Israel. It’s about us, our Bill of Rights, our desire for democracy. Without dissent, there can be no democracy! Keep reading!

No matter what your or my stance on Israel (which has its own protesters of its government policies among its own people), the fact is, we must not let free speech, assembly, and peaceful protests become criminalized — as has already been happening for years, both federally and on the state level, and which is now quickly revving up. We are at the eleventh hour of our 1st and 4th Amendment rights, both of which are VITAL to democracy. So, now is the time to fight back, while we still can, and raise awareness of the absolute necessity to protect our right to disagree with government and big corporations, leave alone foreign meddling with our laws (yeah, it’s Israel, not MSM-maligned Russia, taking the cake on this one).

Protest emails can be easily deleted, but a phone in use is a phone in use; so ringing their phones off the hook can get our Congress members’ attention. (I suspect they are busily looking towards outsourcing their phones to call centers in places like Bangladesh or the Philippines to get us off their back, but for now it still works, I think.)

So, If you want to tell your own state’s senators or your own district’s House members that outlawing free speech in our nation is taboo, even if it pleases their foreign campaign donor Israel (another violation of our constitution!), you can go to THIS link which I have shared with you before:


and find your senators and house reps by Zip Code. Clicking on one of them gets you their phone number and website. You can also try the official phone number of

Congress (202-225-3121) and let me know how that went.

If you need to brush up on the sneaky criminalization of our opinions and dissent, like in any good, old dictatorship, here are one earlier article and two later video clips:

  1. Goodbye, Freedom of Thought, Speech, Assembly, and Petition (Political Storm)
  2. Innocent until Proven Guilty? – Not in the U.S.A. – Not if you Dissent (Beanstock’s World)
  3. Criminalization of protest. Jaw dropping legislation passed in Oklahoma. Implications for real political movements significant and frightening. (Sane Progressive, video)
  4. [154] Healthcare Debate Fraud, White House Secrecy Beyond Belief & More (Redacted Tonight, video)

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