Update: Current Health War Fronts, 7-28-2017

I have been bringing current health war news and announcing health war fronts (like signature and donation drives) every few days. Things are happening so fast that another update is due, for example about tomorrow’s rallies. So, here goes: 

  1. This morning, the senate drive to kill Obamacare without a replacement failed. Phew! Still, this shouldn’t let the rest of us think the fight for our healthcare is over. For one thing, those oligarchs who want to pay for more tax breaks for the rich by denyig even more of us any healthcare, wi surely not rest. For another, WE should not rest until we have healthcare for all!
  2. You can keep calling your senators at (202) 224-3121.
  3. Tomorrow their are rallies all over the country. Find your nearest one here. (And don’t forget to move the discourse from protecting Obamacare to demanding Medicare or Medicaid for All!)
  4. Possibly give to the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare which is fighting to protect Medicare from destruction and profiteering by privatization known as “CouponCare” and committed (yes, committed as in committing a crime) by Paul Ryan and his fellow Congressional hit men.
  5. The Sanders Institute and National Nurses United have delivered a research paper, titled Medicare For All vs All the Healthcare Each Can Afford, to every Senate and House of Representatives office on Capitol Hill. You can learn more here.

Neither House members nor senators can therefore claim ignorance, other than cultivate ignorance, any longer. Highlights of the delivered report:

  • 28 million Americans are currently uninsured and millions more are underinsured.
  • Every piece of legislation currently being debated in Congress continues to leave millions uninsured and underinsured.
  • The U.S. spends $9,451 per person on health care every year. This is nearly two and half times the $3,814 average of other major countries.
  • 58% of Americans support a Medicare for All system.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Watch The Moment John McCain Votes Against The GOP’s Health Care Plan”)

So, this morning, the senate drive to finally pass Trumpcare’s tax breaks to the richest of the rich by simply killing Obamacare without a replacement (since those tax breaks and healthcare barons’ profits are the only things they really care about in this fight) failed thanks to John McCain surprisingly joining Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski (and all the D-Senators) in opposing this heinous bill (after he had first voted earlier this week to let this attempt move forward). I wonder if McCain had finally recovered enough from his brain cancer operation to actually connect the speech he held a few days ago with his voting (his earlier vote had contradicted his speech). At any rate, after a long dark record (esp. considering our war policies), McCain has at least this once done right. Kudos where they are due.

(Then, again, Debbie the Sane Progressive, who has almost a sixth sense for political games, traps, and schemes, is suggesting at this moment of writing on live stream that the whole thing has just been a show intended to keep the private insurance racket alive with an insincere pretense of an Obamacare repeal from the GOP side and a fierce fake resistance from the “other” party, all so the status quo continues instead of us moving towards single-payer while we watch and play along with the good-cop bad-cop routine.)

Now, as for Trump, who criticized those who opposed the replacement-less repeal (seriously or playing within the above-mentioned routine?) — if Trump wanted to recover his political capital, all he would have to do is to suggest Medicare for All. Funny, no?

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2 thoughts on “Update: Current Health War Fronts, 7-28-2017

  1. I think I’d actually prefer Medicaid for All over Medicare for All. Probably Medicare for All will have to come first, though. Let’s just hope that, when it does, we don’t get bogged down in a plethora of private add-on insurances profiting from an overly light-weight Medicare for All.


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