America’s Aristocrats Outlaw Free Speech All Over the U.S.A.

That’s right. This isn’t 18th century news from King George’s American colonies. I didn’t just step out of a time machine. This is the news now! In at least ten states free speech, at least in the form of public protests, has already been criminalized and outlawed (perhaps 20 by now, as such people-silencing legislation keeps getting introduced all over the country (but thankfully sometimes fails)). With this flurry of attacks, I find exact numbers of the current state hard to come by in these highly turbulent times where this topic often doesn’t get the attention it should, not even on the alternative media. This issue is far too important not to keep our eyes open, though. Here is an article someone wrote with many links in it to references, if you wish to dig a little deeper: Crackdown in the States. I don’t know its author, Chip Gibbons, enough to vouch for him, but the many links in his article suggest credibility to me.

In addition, here is a telling, short TED Talk:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest”)

I wonder, how much more will it take for the American people to realize that a war is being waged against us by the moneyed aristocracy formed from the very billionaires we so stupidly permit to rob us every single workday. As long as we don’t change our rigged system, they will continue to skim off a large portion of the fruits of our daily labor by first taking it out of our paychecks and then our bank accounts (whenever we had to loan money to make ends meet or by a car or home). And once they have that share of what we, not they, worked for, they then turn around and use a portion of this stolen money to bribe our politicians to do their bidding, such as passing laws which keep the ongoing robbery and political bribery intact and even forbid us to use our constitutionally protected right to free speech and peaceable assembly to fight back. They come up with laws to bankrupt us with $100,000 fines or ten years in prison (to give an example) when we dare to protest their criminal acts, and – in doing so – they simultaneously mark as as unemployable FELONS for the rest of our lives — felons for having dared to use our constitutionally guaranteed rights. Yes, that’s the time we live in. Our heinous rulers simply ignore the Bill of Rights. They figure, what are we gonna do about it, especially if they neutralize us as soon as we try?

Friends, what is our constitution good for, if it can be nixed so easily with despotic laws like these? This it the level that corruption has reached in our times. Nothing is respected anymore by our plutocrats, not even our constitution. The standard operating procedure now is: “Just do it anyway, henchmen, constitution or not! What are the unwashed masses going to do about it? Nothing! So, just do it. Slam them in the dungeons, clap on the chains. Anything it takes to shut them up and make them cower. We are the new god-kings, the new pharaohs. We can do anything. We got the elections rigged. We got our police militarized. We get laws passed that simply ignore the constitution. We can disappear anyone and hold them forever without trial, federally thanks to Bush and Obama. Now lets catch up in the states... We got our men on the Supreme Court. We are untouchable. We swim in money stolen from these looser masses who only exist to work for us and are welcome to die when they get too sick to work (therefore no healthcare for all), so as to make way for fresh, healthy, younger slaves. We are the new gods. Get going. Tighten the yoke on the serfs of ours who proudly call themselves citizens of America, land of the free, home of the brave, in their laughable delusion.”

Some folks think that these rights don’t matter, that protests have no effect. Maybe they think that organizing through the Internet accomplishes far more. But, then, haven’t you noticed that our oligarchs are going for the throat of Net Neutrality, too, so they can censor the Internet? Our fight for liberty and livable lives has many battle fronts, and each major battle we lose, or give up on, puts us deeper in the hole.

When will America wake up? Are you waking up?

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