Context of Charlottesville: Who Owns the World?

So, recently, we had a murder of peaceful protesters by a right-wing, white supremacist youth, or some such, and many of us are joining the barking at each other across sections of the population so neatly divided into splinter groups across the dividing lines of identity politics and top-down propaganda.

The thing we often forget in our current right-left polarization is that the fury (or even hate) which can lead to outright violence is caused by a terrible injustice which should actually unite rather than divide us, the American People, because it hits all of us who aren’t rich. Whether we join right-wing or left-wing extremism, or no extremism at all, we – the majority – are all caught in one and the same wage slavery, ripped off, exploited, and oppressed from above, and used like domesticated animals for political spectacles – whether they be street marches or election circuses – even as we don’t actually get a real voice in how our country’s society should be organized.

If we did have a voice in the shaping of our country, we wouldn’t be living in such a horrible mess where two income earners may not be able to properly feed and support their family, most of us have no job or income security of any kind, millions of us are un- or under-employed, a good education and home of one’s own is unaffordable by most, and millions more of us are denied the healthcare they need.

So, when we live in the richest country in world history, in which we could easily have good lives of choice, liberty, and prosperity for all, and we nevertheless have to bury all our hopes and live lives of endless cruel struggle and defeat; of course we have plenty of reason to be furious. Sadly, some of us are liable to misdirect their fury at people who don’t have it any better than they and who are in no way responsible for our mess of a country.

When, for instance, white wage slaves see the better life of previous generations run through their fingers, or think they do because they see that colored wage slaves have slightly bettered their awful conditions, so the distance between those and them has shrunk, they focus on the wrong enemy. It is never the other wage slaves who make conditions worse for wage slaves. It is the wage slave masters who do, the robber billionaires and their millionaire millions, as I like to call them. It wasn’t poor Mexicans who signed NAFTA, the trade treaty which massively hurt the labor markets in both Mexico and the U.S. No, that was Bill Clinton, a major influence peddler from the political class, one of the millionaire minions I just mentioned. How do you think the Clintons made lots of millions of dollars during their careers in “public service?” Is that so hard to figure out?

Our corporate politicians seek one thing: they want to get rich (or richer, if they start out as millionaires — Senators for instance, whose seats in the Senate cost millions to obtain). A few are basically rich enough, but still want to get even richer or please themselves in the mirror as political bosses, or both. I am thinking of people like Nancy Pelosi, Betsy DeVos, and The Donald.

The political minions are traitors who rig our laws and government agencies against us (working Americans, which is to say: the wage slaves) in favor of, and at the behest of, the super-rich (the robber billionaires) who spend their lives in country clubs, on exclusive golf courses, in palaces, private yachts and jets, on personally owned tropical islands — or on Wall Street if they are still engaged in climbing higher on our societal dungheap, not satisfied with how high up on it they were born. In between the political office holders and the robber billionaires, swarm the lobbyists who rotate in and out of “elected” offices (in our RIGGED elections), party positions, slush fund positions, political consultant firms, and posts as registered lobbyists.

Those are the people who are destroying our lives. It’s not our fellow workers, our fellow wage slaves, no matter what their skin color or ethnic group. So, if you come from a plantation background and haven’t managed to get to a satisfyingly good life; if you had to migrate here when your livelihood in Mexico was destroyed by NAFTA and you are still working yourself to the bone for mere chickenfeed; or if you descend from the white settlers who took this country away from the Native Americans and had more or less OK lives in the interim (or sucky ones, psychologically made more tolerable through the idea that the lowest white person was still higher up on the dungheap than the highest colored person); no matter how you got to be a member of the wage slave class, under the bottom line you and I, and all the other wage slaves, are all being equally screwed by the very same gangsters who rule us from the top. Look up to behold our enemies who gleefully or indifferently destroy our lives. This is where we must direct our fury. It is them we must topple from their thrones of greed, cruelty, and mayhem.

We must learn to direct our anger at them, the kings of the dung hill, not fight each other as the rulers from the stinky top direct us to do through their demagogy spread by the Dempublican Repocratic party duopoly and the corporate mass media. These kings of the dung hill “own” (and deny us) our world, not by right, but by nefarious ownership titles obtained through birth or callous thievery and supported by our rigged system which we must fix to end this cruel and destructive rule.

Noam Chomsky gave a lengthy (~1 hour) speech this (or last?) year, which fits quite well into this article’s topic, for instance by identifying a portion of knuckleheads present in every society, a population percentage which eagerly serves the ruling elite against their own interests without realizing it — a dimwitted or deeply ignorant portion of the people with which I became quite familiar when I was working in schools, so I can confirm their existence. I hope you are not one of them or, if you are, you are not so deeply lost in this darkness that you can’t find your way out.

This video may be too long and filled with too much stuff you already know. Personally, I really like Chomsky’s way of describing the vicious cycle of our rigged system starting around 42:29 minutes in (WARNING: while the rest of the video is problematically quiet, there is an awfully loud, horrid noise in the last second. Best take your heart medicine first.):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Noam Chomsky (August 11, 2017) – Who Owns the World?”)

As Chomsky points out in his historic review here, progress doesn’t come as a gift from above. We have to radicalize. Nothing will get better (in fact, it all will continue to get worse) as long as we put up with the class war from above quietly. Also noteworthy: religious, nativist, white supremacist, and otherwise lunatic wackos — numskulls who cultivate being irrational and unreasonable instead of open to thoughtful arguments, blinder-wearing brutes who are unwilling to join forces with others at their own poverty level if they look or sound different — enable a political party which is quite openly committed to serving the super-rich (or, as I like to call them, the robber billionaires) letting them rip the rest of us off and destroy our lives. These unintelligent folks (traditionally Republican voters, but increasingly also warped-vision “Democrats” like Hillbots, for instance) fall like flies for religious or gender-issue tinged single-issue voting, identity-politics, or unbelievably ludicrous arguments like that a small-arms treaty designed to reduce availability of firearms to terrorists and violently repressive regimes is a plot designed to endanger us because, when the UN comes to attack us, we won’t be able to defend ourselves. Naturally, the only real reason for the corporatists’ opposition to this treaty is the money-in-politics bribery from the weapon manufacturing political donors whose riches come from the production of 80% of these weapons. In the U.S., arms dealers rule side by side with oil barons, big pharma price-gougers, Wall Street thugs, banksters, and so on. As Chomsky points out, these types have only one question: what can we get away with?

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5 thoughts on “Context of Charlottesville: Who Owns the World?

  1. Exactly!
    “… the only real reason for the corporatists’ opposition to this (the small arms) treaty is the money-in-politics bribery from the weapon manufacturing political donors whose riches come from the production of 80% of these weapons. In the U.S., arms dealers rule side by side with oil barons, big pharma price-gougers, Wall Street thugs, banksters, and so on.”


  2. Wage slave pitted against wage slave–the wet dream of the corporate class. It’s time to stop fighting each other and focus our frustrations on the true culprits who have destroyed our American dream–the 1%. It’s time for the 99% to take their homeland back from their oppressors. Power to the people!


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