Fitting Rant Responding to the Charlottesville Murder

For sane people, the Charlottesville Murder was either a psy-ops trick or a lunatic’s egress of identity politics with which we, the 99%, are constantly divided from above to stop us from rising up to fix our country so it becomes a good place for everyone. The brutish and idiotic murder cannot be justly explained any other way. Wage slaves hating on each other over superficial stuff like skin color is simply not justifiable as a sane act. Rather, it is the mark of being manipulated from above. And when Steve Grumbine rants about people being too lazy to try and understand economics, he is simply pointing at the elephant in the room so many of us fail to see: the origin of Money in Politics. We all realize that Money in Politics is what turns our own government against us, instead of it serving us, as it is supposed to. Many of us realize that Money in Politics turns our economy against us. But the thing, that too many people still are “too lazy” (or to afraid) to do, is to follow the money and realize that it is our flawed economic system itself that creates the concentration of Big Money (in a few privileged hands) which then gives rise to Money in Politics in the first place. It’s a vicious circle, one part of which too many of us still don’t see.

I wrote about this yesterday. But if you prefer to hear this packaged in a passionate rant on video, here it is:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Neoliberalism’s bastard spawn. Wanna know why racism has a foothold in America?”)

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