Proper Reaction to Charlottesville: A Cool-Headed Perspective Instead of Wild Sectarian Hysteria (JD)

The Jimmy Dore Show: Jimmy Dore and Tim Black talking sense:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “What People Are Missing About Charlottesville Protest”)

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2 thoughts on “Proper Reaction to Charlottesville: A Cool-Headed Perspective Instead of Wild Sectarian Hysteria (JD)

  1. I disagree. It is time to be ruled by a quiet cold rightous anger
    Time to unite and strategize and neutralize them in every way we can. Frustrate their every ploy and when they get violent, be armed and trained to protect ourselves and the poor and voiceless.
    Ask any shrink or military historian. The only way to stop a fascist is to kill it. We did not start this war, but we are honor bound to finish it.
    It only takes one side to start a war and this began in earnest in 1980.
    But the real battle is to make real systemic change based on a new form of govt. We need to go to a DIRECT DEMOCRACY BY PLEBESCITE WITH NO POLITICIANS.

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    1. Hmm… There’s a lot packed into this comment. I at least partially agree.

      1.) A deeply entrenched fascist may not be open for changing his or her entrenched opinions, and as a public danger may need to e stopped through violent means (killed or incarcerated), same as any other murdering extremist. Still, I think the number of these types is still very small (only some 500 of these creeps came together from across the country in Charlottesville, I think), and many who are tempted to let themselves be sucked in can hopefully be persuaded away from it by better arguments if we try.

      2.) We, the majority, need to unify, but not just against a small handful of extremist, but also against the socio-economic and political injustice which creates and fuels such extremism in the first place. That’s called, fixing a problem at its source.

      3.) I doubt that in this complex modern world it is possible to handle every legislative and executive decision through plebiscite, but I could imagine using plebiscite on all major issues. The boring rest will have to be left to representative, but we could do a lot to fix our representative system, as well: anti-corruption laws and solely public campaign financing to remove money from politics; restructure our economy to prevent excessive wealth concentration which leads to money in politics in the first place; idea-shaping social media technology to let the reps know what we, the people, really want; and perhaps a parliamentary body (like the Senate) consisting of randomly picked citizens as opposed to career politicians…

      4.) I can’t imagine a money-less modern civilization (as much as I hate money), but we sure could force radical monetary reform so money serves rather than enslaves us. (e.g. have government instead of private institutions issue new money and also recycle it back out of the economy before it becomes too much; thus take greedy banksters out of the picture; also get rid of loan interests and compound interests which are behind financialization slavery (replace them with flat fees))

      To make those or any other fixes happen, we need to hammer out a people’s agenda and probably also create a people’s party to implement it.


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