This Time We Must Do Better than Just Repeat History

There is something to the old claim that history moves in cycles: mistreated people revolt, fix some things, go back to sleep, have their world rigged against them again, have to wake up and revolt again, and so on. In the current popular uprising, we better aim higher than ever before to achieve more than before. If we don’t, the next uprising may hit an impermeable wall of perfected surveillance, “security,” and manufactured consent. So, while history went through its cycles, the means by which to control us, the people, from the top became ever more polished. If we don’t roll them back and put safeguards in place this time, we may pass a point of no return and never get another time. That’s why the current mantra of resist-resist-resist is not enough. In fact, I see it as a slick trick by the establishment to prevent us from achieving substantial change and keep us from stopping the perfection of our subjugation. So, beware: do not merely resist. Aim high. Aim for fundamental system change. Our current system is so sick that palliative treatment will end as it always does in medicine: with death. Death of democracy, justice, and hope, in this case. 

On the other hand, if we think through well what we must do this time and won’t rest until we have thoroughly revamped the human world away from greed-driven oppression and firmly into an ethical society based on human values, we may from then on thrive like only some science fiction utopias have done so far, in our imagination.

This, then is the choice of our times: go down into permanent hell or create heaven on Earth. I seriously doubt that we can postpone the choice any longer.

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2 thoughts on “This Time We Must Do Better than Just Repeat History

  1. It’s not “resistance” we need against the establishment so much as it’s “revolution.” We can’t be half-assed about this anymore. We need a complete revolution in our thinking, our political system, our way of life. We’ve got to save the planet for our children’s future. There’s no “halfway point”–there’s only the finish line we need to reach, and reach quickly.


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