Reading Weekend 8-26-2017: The People’s Party Looms

Fork In The National Road: A New Progressive Supermajority Party Is Forming (HuffPost )

How will Senator Bernie Sanders react? Which path will you take?

The time is ripe. The Democratic and Republican parties, private political clubs, are not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution and do not represent the people who elect them, yet have a stranglehold on our electoral system. People are fed up. Hemorrhaging voters, the Dems and Reps are each down to around a fourth of the voters, already minority parties. Progressives — those who support minimum wage, social justice, strong environmental protection, 21st century infrastructure and universal healthcare and oppose corruption, invasive wars and corporate welfare — are meanwhile 66%, two-thirds of voters, the U.S. supermajority.

We as a people therefore stand at a fork in the national road.

The country’s Progressive supermajority could sweep every local, state and federal election if it united.

This weekend, I recommend taking a break from watching videos and suggest that we instead take the time to read a very worthwhile long piece for which a busy work week rarely leaves any time. Why? Because this is a really good piece, a great follow-up to my popular piece from last April: Is the Time Ripe for a New Party? The article I recommend, appeared a few days ago and has critical updates. It announces the upcoming People’s Convergence Conference and details why America is at the doorstep to forming a new party. It also gives a thorough review of Bernie Sanders and the 2016 election, including its rigged primaries, election fraud, corporate media collusion, and how the Clinton Camp got us the Trump presidency. It reviews the decades-long corruption of neocons and neoliberals, and how their Property Party with its two right wings (the Republican and “Democrat” wing) keeps us, the working people from having a say in our government. It’s all there. So, despite its length and a startling bunch of typos (which suggest there was no editor involved!), this article is worth reading. That it made it onto the Huffington Post is also enough of a miracle to make it a must-read.

Here is the link: Fork In The National Road: A New Progressive Supermajority Party Is Forming (HuffPost)

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3 thoughts on “Reading Weekend 8-26-2017: The People’s Party Looms

    1. Let’s hope that those who feel too betrayed by Bernie’s endorsement of abominable Shillary and his playing ball with the “Democratic” Party even to the point of repeating some of its most absurd narratives* in his — I suspect — doomed attempt to retake the DP for the people will come around to see the usefulness of Bernie in starting a strong people’s party.


      * Like that Russia hysteria, as if any foreign attempt to influence our elections could come even close to the rigging that happens domestically and was applied against him by the “Democratic” Party last year.


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