Quickypinion: Why and How Working People Must Revolt

The robber billionaires don’t work for their living. They have us work for their living and for their obscene riches and the power these riches give them over us — both at the workplace which they control directly and our government which they buy away from us. As they stake out ever more of our world, our lives get ever worse. We work harder and harder for less and less. Our revolutionary task is to wrestle the government back into our side of the court (since it is the major weapon we can wield) and then cut the floor from underneath the robber billionaires’ wealth-based power by altering our political and economic rules, so we can then arrange our country (including its economy) the way we want it to be: a place for a free us, not a place for modern-day kings and queens surrounded and propped up by a horde of struggling wage slaves and discarded slum dwellers.


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4 thoughts on “Quickypinion: Why and How Working People Must Revolt

  1. we will DEMAND that congress spend for the public purpose. we will call them out on their LIES. the country is not, nor can it ever “go broke”. taxes DO NOT fund spending at the federal level. “how can we pay for it” is their chant EVERY TIME there is a mention of funding programs that benefit the public–but NEVER when they want funding for another war-for-profit. see something wrong there?? yep. it’s because we have all been lied to about how the economy works. EVERYONE needs to learn how this country’s economy REALLY works–so we can ALL call congress out on their LIES…


  2. Yes. Economy is all about resources — the amount, access to, and distribution of resources. Modern fiat currency (money) is essentially a fiction highly manipulable by the federal government as a tool to either improve distribution and access or twist the flow of money to funnel wealth to the top (as it is currently done). We have been raised on nothing but lies about our economy and politics. That’s what selfish rulers do. If they were honest about their motives and actions, they would be deposed in a heartbeat.


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