Our Morally Upside Down Country: Jailing a Man For Trying to Save His Family (JD)

Blithe, privileged judges like this one are the creeps who should be jailed instead of poor people who are simply trying to hold on to life for themselves or their spouse and children:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Being Poor Is Still A Crime In America”)


This case is emblematic of how utterly wrong the setup of our contemporary society is: all about money, all about protecting the rich and boosting their profits, all about subjugating the rest of us, making us live in fear and running in the job treadmills the establishment sets up for us like traps we can never escape from. We suffer from a society built on materialistic greed (and the accompanying oppressive policies and institutions) instead of human values, needs, and ethics. The government which should be our collective servant has instead become a tool for oppression on behalf of our money aristocracy. A man who has no other choice than to leave his kids under a neighbor’s supervision so he can go to his job to make his job’s “owner” richer and try to scrounge up enough pay to care for his cancer-stricken wife (good luck with that!) and their children, and/or to hang on, tooth and nail, to the health insurance he may be lucky enough to have provided through his job, and which keeps his wife alive through making possible access to cancer treatments… such a man with his back to the wall, working hard to keep his family alive is put into prison for doing just that by some judge who – I guarantee – has never known hardship in his or her life, nor anywhere else within his or her bubble of privilege in the ruling caste of our sick society.

When will we finally take command of our government to serve us, as it is supposed to do if it is to have any legitimacy, instead of serving our super-rich money aristocrats and kicking the rest of us to the curb to show us our place as serfs who can be wantonly mistreated?

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