News, Infos, & Petition – 08-09-2017 (NAFTA, College Costs, Police State Terror)

Three brief reports and a petition on NAFTA, College Costs, and Police State Terror. 

I. Petition against the NAFTA tyranny

NAFTA, just like the TPP, has a clause built in which allows multinational corporations to overrule national laws and sue nations (incl. The U.S.A.) over alleged profit losses stemming from national law and regulations. They sue in private tribunals staffed not by impartial judges by lawyers who can rotate in and out of representing these very same corporations and/or get bribed. Talk about bias! So, not only do we currently no longer have a government accountable to its people (because of Big Money buying off our politicians and complicit corporate media), but even if it still were, corporations would still have the power to make taxpayers pay through their noses in punishment over safety regulations, net neutrality, and such. — NAFTA is currently being renegotiated. There is no reason for the described anti-democratic outrage to be a part of any trade deal. We may not be able to easily undo NAFTA’s historic rape of U.S. manufacturing jobs and Mexican farmers (which led to a massive migration north), but at least this gives us a chance to say NO to this corporate tyranny outrage! Link: Tell your Representative: Stop the NAFTA corporate power grab. Vote NO on ISDS.


II. Why has college become so insanely expensive in the U.S.?

Some time back, I heard that government subsidies had been drastically cut since our golden years, forcing tuition prices to go up. This perfectly fits the pattern of cutting government programs for the people (alleging that there is too much debt and not enough money) while blithely boosting government expenditures on the military–industrial complex (MIC), pork, and corporate subsidies — so it’s probably true. As so often, there are additional details. A retired university Dean has some details to add, such as costly campus life frills (instead to sticking only to education) and the percentage-based formula for government tuition subsidies (the higher the costs, the higher the government subsidy the college will get): Why exactly has college become so insanely expensive in the United States?


III. The American Police State

A Topic that comes up ever more often lately: police brutality and tyranny for the purpose of criminalizing dissent, funneling money to the rich in form of fees and penalties, and a more vague general cowing of the people. For the latter, read on here (wanton strip and body cavity searches obliterating the 4th Amendment): What Country is This?


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One thought on “News, Infos, & Petition – 08-09-2017 (NAFTA, College Costs, Police State Terror)

  1. What country is this indeed, when Congress-things vote against aid for hurricane victims and deport young people who are trying to become citizens. We have forgotten everything the founders were afraid of when they wrote in safeguards against tyranny of the oligarchs into our founding documents. It explains much of what is wrong today.


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