Takeaway from Bernie’s MfA Unveiling

Medicare for All. We all want it. And the healthcare profiteers and their political cronies have been fighting it tooth and nail since FDR’s days, happy to see us suffer and die as long as they can extort us.

In fact, blocking healthcare for all isn’t enough for the worst of the political leeches in office. The crooks in the “right” arm of the establishment party (the arm called the Republican Party) are gearing up for yet one more effort to repeal Obamacare (despite the fact that he copied it from them). Despite all the popular unrest about this, they still wish to replace it with that heinous billionaire tax gift that is Trump’s wealthcare plan. (with a “w” rather than “h” when not mendaciously misspelled). At the same time, if sparingly released news are to be believed, arguably the worst of them all, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is making yet another attempt to demolish Medicare by privatizing the program to mainly benefit huge insurance companies while also giving yet more tax breaks to the very wealthiest Americans. (Can people who so betray the American people really still be called Americans?)

In the meantime, to move the fight for justice forward, Bernie recently unveiled his new Medicare for All bill proposal. Here is the ceremony:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bernie Sanders Unveils the Medicare for All Act – September 13th,2017”)

And here are my takeaways from the event: 

  1. Quite too many corporate “Democrats” were there at the unveiling, conspicuously jumping on Bernie’s Medicare for All bandwagon — most noticeably the prospective 2020 presidential nominees (Kamala Harris, already picked by the “Democratic” billionaires, and Cory Booker grasping at straws), as well as the formerly progressive favorite, Elizabeth Warren, who destroyed her insincere brand when she backstabbed Bernie during last year’s primaries and has been working hard on rebuild it ever since. Bernie welcoming them on the stage nauseated me. Too much playing ball with the “Democratic” leadership, Bernie. Let that corrupt party go. It’s too far gone to be reformed. Starting a new party will be easier.
  2. Bernie’s adding dental and vision care into his version* of Medicare for All is a nice surprise. Our peer countries have long been there. (*reminder: Bernie isn’t the first one to propose Medicare for All, just the most fervent and persistent warrior for it)
  3. This lip service from leading “democratic” figures could mean that universal healthcare in the form of Medicare for All is finally gaining ground. A shimmer of hope. Maybe their corporate donors told Harris, Booker, and Warren that it’s OK for them to support MfA. A green light, at last?
  4. On the other hand, scratch the third takeaway. Applying the lessons we have learned from watching our corrupt establishment, the plot runs deeper and darker for sure. These prospective next major candidates have likely been told by their masters that it’s OK for them to pretend support for universal healthcare because the other political puppets of the robber billionaires in both the GOP and the DP, at the very least the GOP which holds the current majority, will make sure this bill never passes, just like John Conyer’s never did. Besides, they can all pull a Barak Obama on us if they succeed with their political ambition of Oval Office, Speaker of the House, Senate Leader, or whatever. Remember how Obama promised us single payer during his first campaign (and that he would go after the banks and close Guantanamo Bay, and so forth)? Did he keep a single one of his promises? Nah. These major parties always play the same game: make any popular promises, keep none, and point to the other party as the worse one. That’s why we absolutely have to turn our backs on both parties and build a third party with which to squash them. I’m serious. How else can such deeply seated corruption be overcome? Putting pressure on the corrupt “Democratic” leadership by trying to take over their party from the bottom is a worthwhile effort because we need to put pressure on them from all possible angles, but it will never go far without the additional pressure of a powerful third party or independent movement, and only one of those could have the base-democratic setup to prevent corruption from the top which is built-in into both the GOP and the “Democratic” Party.

Some “Democratic” politician on stage said: “Healthcare should be a right, not a luxury.” Pretty powerful, except that I claim, looking back on the cooperation and shared prosperity which allowed our ancestors to survive the harshness of nature so that we today even exist, healthcare not only should be a right, it is a right. Can you imagine a medicine man, shaman, or whatever a tribal doctor was called in the past, turning a sick member of his tribe away because he didn’t have an insurance card or a wallet overflowing with green pieces of paper? Such behavior would have voided his status as the tribe’s healer. Only in today’s warped and greed-driven dungheap society of ours does such conduct appear acceptable to anyone — not to me though. Does it appear acceptable to you?

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2 thoughts on “Takeaway from Bernie’s MfA Unveiling

  1. Bernie’s podcast this week is an interview with Dr. Danielle Martin, the Canadian physician who was at the press conference for Medicare for All. She really cuts into the right-wing, corporatist Rep/Dem b.s. about single payer health care. The video is on Bernie’s Facebook page if you’ve not seen it yet.


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