New Petitions – 9/19/2017

Two organisations, and one… uhm… little guy:

1. RootsAction: Defend Whistleblowers
The Trump administration has already tripled the number of leak investigations since Obama — who was the most aggressive against sources since the Nixon era, and charged more Americans under the Espionage Act for non-spy activities informing the public interest than all other presidents combined.” Support the Whistleblowers Public Education Campaign.

2. People’s Action: Fair Taxes
We stopped Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell from repealing our health care three times. But they’re at it again. Their new budget is a Trojan horse for cutting $2 TRILLION from Medicaid, Medicare and other health programs. Just so they can give more money to billionaires and wealthy corporations.” (this one’s a few days ‘late’ put probably still timely enough) Call your representative now. Tell them to protect our care and vote NO on the GOP’s budget for billionaires. Not one penny should go to corporations and the super-rich.

3. This Site: Revolutions Happens at the Bottom
A lot of work goes into this site. We need your help (A) to make it worthwhile (share, comment, collaborate, etc., so that more than just a few folks see what we share here) and (B) to keep it going. For the latter, help our finances by, for example, donating some money, finding us paying outlets, or signing up for a really amazing and really low-cost online science course from me, the guy, who makes this site happen. You probably know some friends or family who could use this course. It’s a win-win! 🙂


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