Healthcare and the Tax Breaks Gambit

For many long decades, corrupt politicians have been baiting voters with measly little tax breaks while giving huge tax breaks to the rich and simultaneously cutting government services that help the citizenry, thereby actually costing us tax payers more money, rather than less, since we have to make up for the reduced government services and tax breaks for the rich out of our own pockets. These dishonest politicians have consistently shifted the savings from government service cuts to their billionaire cronies in the form of huge tax breaks, and this year they are at it again (Trumpcare and the proposed budget). The super-rich parasites, who receive these giant tax breaks and live a life-long vacation watching their dividends roll in, all pay only half the tax rate (typically 15% not counting loopholes and foreign tax havens) of what the rest of us, who actually work for our living, have to pay on our hard-earned income. Economist Richard Wolff explains some of this in this interview you might want to watch:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The GOP’s Latest Plan to Rob the Poor & Reward the Rich…”)

So, please tell me, when your life becomes unaffordable because the rich don’t pay their share and more and more wealth is transferred to them, how does that make your life better? These tax cut promises are just a sales pitch to sell us a reverse-Robin-Hood system. 

And the tax breaks ploy is being used again from a different angle, as well. In California, where a massive upsurge of the people almost achieved Medicare for All for Californians, corporate “Democrats” shot it down arguing that they would have to raise taxes too much to pay for it. Naturally, they conveniently kept quiet about the massive savings in health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses which would greatly outweigh any tax increases, leaving working people with a nice bit of more cash in their pockets than we had before.

What’s more, unlike insurance premiums, our income tax rate is calculated based on income, so we don’t take the last piece of bread out of the mouth of a low-income person. Thus, this kind of financing healthcare is much fairer and much more affordable for people. The only ones who get to pay more in taxes than they save on healthcare costs in such a system are the rich gangsters who have been robbing us blind all along and get furious about having to give back some of their loot.

To avoid justice for all, the rich parasites pay off their political handmaidens in both the Republican and “Democratic” Party to dupe us into choosing minute middle class tax breaks over a so much more beneficial universal healthcare system like our northern neighbor Canada enjoys, where nobody ever has to fear medical expenses or stay in an abusive, underpaid job, as so many Americans are doing to keep health insurance for their family in place — only to later discover that, when a serious health crisis strikes, the insurance won’t pay nearly enough (or anything at all) and our for-profit healthcare system will drive them into bankruptcy for trying to stay alive or save their loved ones.

In Canada you can go to any doctor or hospital, and all the money-business of healthcare is taken care of when you present your Medicare card (yes, the Canadian universal health coverage system is called Medicare). Canadian doctors and hospitals don’t have to wrestle with private health insurances to get paid for their work. They just present a single end-of-the-month bill, and all is taken care of. And Canadian businesses can focus on their business, not having to waste a lot of time and effort on negotiating substandard private health insurance coverage for their employees. Nor do they have to spend tons of money on covering part of this spotty health coverage, like companies in the U.S. must frequently do, putting American businesses at an international disadvantage.

So, we would all (except for the idle rich) be off much better with Medicare for All, now beginning to be called Berniecare because Bernie Sanders has raised our consciousness about its benefits and doability. But, predictably, the taxes story is being used again to try and dupe us.

And this, when the robber billionaires really don’t need any more wealth! It’s just that some of them want it because of their limitless greed and total disregard for the needless suffering and early deaths of so many Americans. It sure doesn’t help that our society is based on the rule of money and assets rather than human values and responsibility for each other.

One more thing: when they come to dupe you again with the tax or government debt argument, remember how these alleged obstacles are never mentioned when it comes to lavish expenditures on pork, the biggest of which our gigantic military budget which makes for half of the government’s discretionary spending and is used not to construct a better America but to slaughter and oppress other peoples worldwide (any wonder they hate us?)! You want a reason why we can’t have nice things? There’s one… until we change how things are done.

Oh, and – by the way – we could expand not only Medicare to cover everybody of all ages, mind you! We could also expand Social Security to cover everybody of all ages, thus very simply realizing another idea whose time has come: a universal basic income which would give us all a cut of the glorious, non-working life of the unjustly privileged billionaire class, creating a safety cushion in case our professional careers or job-hopping working lives don’t work out so well, or we must take care of our families in more ways than money. When robots and artificial intelligence increasingly eliminate our jobs, we could all work less and still have the same income, rather than letting the billionaires push us into income-less unemployment while they grow their personal empires and preach lies about taxes and government debt.

A much better world is possible, a world with good lives for everybody, lives we can each pick for ourselves the way we want them to be, once we depose the corrupt and oppressive ruling class and build a country of the people, by the people, and for the people, rather than the giant slave plantation we currently have — one which has replaced blatantly obvious whips and chains with a so much more proper-seeming wealth-based decision-making power and mental manipulation, the latter employing endlessly repeated false narratives and subtle trickery such as these insincere tax break gambits I am denouncing in this article.

Let’s use our imagination. Imagine, for example, how much more money working folks like you and me would save if – instead of tossing us a small handful more of tax return dollars – the billions our corrupted government currently gives to the rich as gigantic tax breaks were instead used to pay publicly financed childcare centers and all our healthcare expenses? Or, better than public childcare centers, pay parents who stay home with their kids so they aren’t sloppily raised by strangers? The reality of the matter is: as a society, we produce food, clothes, computers, cars, and everything else we want and need. We produce enough for everybody (or at least we could produce enough if everybody could pay for it), and the key point is that the work nowadays is mostly being done by machines. It’s up to us to decide whether to distribute this nationally created wealth fairly to everybody, or whether to let a small group of parasites rule the distribution, elevating themselves to the modern equivalent of kings, denying the rest of us good lives, and siccing us against each other by cleverly dividing us into different ethnic and social groups who blame each other for this mess that, in reality, is created by the robber billionaires and their corrupt handmaidens in politics, the corporate media, and upper management.

It’s really up to us to build the world we want to live in. And one of the first things we must accomplish, is to debunk the ploys and gambits, and false narratives, with which we are being controlled from above. This, by the way, is why we need alternative media and discussion forums like the one you are visiting this very moment. And don’t be mistaken: you yourself can and should contribute to make this critical component work. Check out this page on how you can help.

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