DACA-Repeal: Punish the Children

People who have been isolated from immigration issues tend to think everything is so simple. They never wonder: How real or artificial are our borders? What is our responsibility in what happens in places like Mexico, like when OUR politician’s NAFTA agreement and OUR agricultural subsidies to large farming corporations in combination with the eliminated import protections from NAFTA destroy the family farms of countless Mexicans, so they are forced to flee north across the border to pick our melons for starvation waves for sheer survival? Or: Can an 18-month-old baby really break the law?

Therefore I am sharing a video I shared before, over a year ago, as a reminder:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “American Sueño Part 1: Meet Marisol”)

That’s the problem with demagoguery. A lot of people in a country suffer and want change. Along comes a demagogue who hides the true causes and solutions for their problems behind scapegoating a group of even weaker people who cannot defend themselves against these false accusations because they are at the very bottom of the economic and political hierarchy or a too-small minority. 

For Hitler and the Nazis this group were the Jews. For Trump and his gang it’s undocumented immigrants. Just how documented were many of their immigrants who came to the British colonies, wiping out the natives and taking over their lands? But poor Mexicans driven into utter destitution by the same plutocrats who are destroying our lives, they are to be blamed according to Trump and the simpletons who believe his BS. Someone explain to me how poor family farmers in Mexico created NAFTA or shipped our manufacturing jobs to China or are replacing jobs at McDonald’s with robots? And when a 18-month old baby brought across the border by its desperate parents grows up, explain to me how it is ethical for the rest of us to kick him or her out of the only country they have ever known to try and make a new life in a totally foreign country, without papers perhaps, maybe not even speaking the local language? How would you like this being done to you or your children? Where is justice?

And let’s not forget one thing: all this political theater only serves to keep us divided and distracted, so we don’t force the change we really want and need: a just and democratic society!

Note: Talking about the fight for a just society, btw, one more senator must be convinced this week to vote against the latest ACA repeal (and tell them also to support Bernie’s Medicare for All Bill instead — the only valid ACA replacement).

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One thought on “DACA-Repeal: Punish the Children

  1. I believe we should kick out ALL people whose ancestors came as “undocumented workers”. That should eliminate about 98% of the current US population. (I get to stay here because of my Blackfoot/Cree grandfather. Too bad “white folks,” you’re outta here!)

    Oh, that’s “not fair” is it? Gee whiz… You ever think how “not fair” it is to kick a person out of the only country they’ve ever known and loved? Something to consider, isn’t it? 😉


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