Bernie’s 2016 Defeat – A Blessing in Disguise?

Everybody without blinders on knows that Bernie Sanders’ campaign was cheated in the 2016 primaries. Thereby all Americans who don’t belong to the privileged class at the top of our dunghill society were also cheated; and – like millions of my fellow Americans – I have been outraged ever since.

Before he passed away, another Bernie supporter, Jim Peterson, known as Jackpine Radical, wrote during Bernie’s campaign

»Absent citizen involvement and action, a candidacy like Bernie’s will go nowhere, and if that citizen participation wavers after the election, everything reverts to “normal.” Unfortunately, “normal” is an ecological, cultural and physical death trip.«

So, when I recently discovered this statement, it hit me: The benefit of a Trump victory which I and others have speculated to have been better than a Clinton-win because Trump outrages many Americans into action which, in turn, might make real change possible, is also the model for a benefit we may enjoy from Bernie’s defeat in the rigged “Democratic” primaries.

Bernie’s getting cheated out of the presidential candidate nomination, which he had rightly won despite starting out as a virtually unknown challenger to household-name Hillary and having to confront the almost all-powerful Clinton Machine and struggle through closed “Democratic” primaries, has probably had a very beneficial effect on many of us whose hopes were raised by Bernie and who discovered for the first time that we were millions strong, not all alone as we had always been made to believe. Namely, it riled us up so that we are not going back to sleep. And going back to sleep is one thing we absolutely cannot afford in this critical time in our history when we need a political revolution to end the heartless and ruinous rule of the parasitic robber billionaires and their bought-off political henchmen who will do anything in their power to deny us a just society with good lives for all.

What’s more, the crime of the huge election theft in the primaries (committed in so many places and from so many angles), followed by massive gaslighting and herding attempts in the aftermath to try and dupe folks into voting for a toxic establishment shill, has opened the eyes of many of us to the truth that the corruption at the top of our dungheap society is much bigger and more pervasive than we ever realized before. To fight such a foe, we must first see it, and now we do.

Whether we take over the “Democratic” Party, replace it with a true people’s party, or build a coalition of existing people’s parties that forces the duopoly aside, our revolution is underway. We no longer just hope to vote for a friendly president, but seek to outlaw money in politics, reform our economy and political system not to cheat us anymore, get healthcare for all and free higher education, like our peer nations have. We build alternatives to the corrupt corporate media, and so on. Our eyes are open, and we have a fire in the belly.

By not getting Bernie as President, we got the start of the Political Revolution.

With that uplifting thought in mind, let’s march on with renewed energy. Our revolution has only just begun. Bernie, same as I and others, keeps reminding us that it takes a lot of folks to make real change, that we need not just one people-friendly candidate, but a formidable political revolution. And here, in the outrage over having been cheated, is much of the fuel for the public awakening and mobilization we need. Viva la revolución!


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