Oddities of the Las Vegas Massacre


The media are once again alive with sensationalist news of a dramatic event: a horrible sniper attack on day-to-day Americans at an open air concert, presumably by another day-to-day American acting alone for no known reason — at least 59 reported dead and 527 injured at the time of this writing. As usual, most of the reports flooding the airwaves and Internet contain little of real importance. Titillation rates much higher in the corporate media than substance. Well, here you shall get more: 

At the moment, I can see only three sensible reactions for reasonable people to the whole thing: (1) ignore it entirely because we have much bigger fish to fry and none of us are involved in the police work which now must follow (it’s different if you are part of the investigation, of course); (2) research the event intelligently when one thinks one smells a rat (emphasis on intelligently rather than hysterically!); (3) argue, as I am doing right now, for putting things into perspective and focusing on the priorities we must fight for (including the need for reminding people that violent acts like these tend to derive from the injustice machine of our corporate-controlled oligarchy squeezing many or most people into despair, hatred, and fury which sooner or later explodes in violent events (including Islamist terrorism), except when such violent events derive more directly from the oligarchy when they are staged as sinister false flag operations with which the oligarchy or its operatives manipulate the public, of course). Following the third option, I am posting about this event when I had really planned something else for today. Here goes:

To really understand the Las Vegas Massacre thoroughly, much information still has to come in. If that ever happens, and it seems important enough, I may have more to say about it then. So far, today, the little bit of stuff that came my way before I had to hit the road struck me with some oddities I’d like to mention:

The first one may not mean anything, but it just happens that I do wonder why the alleged gunman would bother to bring and use a hammer to smash through the hotel window through which he allegedly shot all those people. With all those guns, why not simply shoot the window? Odd, no?

Most noticeably to me is the second oddity, namely what the brother of the alleged sniper has been saying, talking like a man who has been hit by lightning out of a blue sky:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Las Vegas Massacre: what we know so far”)

Early on in the next clip, there are more words from Stephen Paddock’s brother, as well as some official admission of no detected connections to religiously or politically motivated terrorism:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “New Details Las Vegas Massacre”)

Here is a bit more of this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Looking into the history of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock”)

All in all, the picture so far is one of no terrorism connection, just a domestic case of a guy running amok and doing so totally out of character and without any guessable motive. So, except for some circulating rumors of Stephen Paddock having possibly gambled away all his money before the event, one has a happy guy committing this atrocity. Even when one believes the gambling rumor, the motive for shooting so many people at random is scant. I must admit, that such circumstances smell to me of a guy being framed. It would then be necessary to figure out who is prepared to draw instant benefit from this for themselves in order to identify the true culprits.

In connection with this, I should perhaps bring up the unreasonably many guns (23 to… 42?; his brother said Stephen owned only a few) he is supposed to have carried into the hotel room, clearly a bunch of heavy suitcases worth of them. Why would a single guy go to so much trouble when a single gun, maybe with a single backup in case the first rifle jams or runs too hot, should completely suffice? It’s yet another oddity making me wonder whether to believe the official story. Gun experts also point out that the stamina and physical strength required for such prolonged shooting and the amount of smoke created in a small hotel room from so many rounds, as well as the difficulty of killing so many people from so far away, also cast much doubt on the official story. History has had many false flag operations whose official stories were naturally false. Last, not least, there is the lack of blood and dead bodies in all the event footage, combined with a newscaster’s claim that worried relatives were not admitted into the hospital(s) to check up on potential victims. Would the latter be to prevent people from finding out that the many victims didn’t exist? I certainly don’t know, but one can wonder a lot.

To conclude, we may have here either a man who cracked — which more often than not is the result of the pressures and anguish (and lack of mental care in some cases) created by our rigged system that constantly disenfranchises and impoverishes the many to shift more wealth and power to a privileged few — or an organized false flag operation which would likewise derive from our rigged system. Either way, the real culprit is our rigged system. That is what we need to focus on and fight.

I have to deal with other things again now and cannot research this any further. Things I would like to remind everybody of, before I post this article, are:

  1. Lot’s of conspiracy theories are springing up. Most are certainly bogus. Still, one could be true. If one takes an interest, careful vetting of source and plausibility is important to separate easily identified nonsense or propaganda from plausible claims.
  2. Remember the saying “follow the money?” As this case plays out, I’d recommend watching how this is going to be exploited. Those who benefit may only be opportunistic, but often they are behind the events they exploit. That’s just common sense, which is why this element is a major component of any correctly done crime investigation. One possible motive I can imagine, especially in connection with other similar events we have seen this year, would be the triple-aim of (A) distracting people from the political revolution we must pursue, (B) justify a further strengthening of our surveillance and police state, (C) tipping the scales on the power balance in the current wrangling between oligarch gangs such as the NRA-allied Trump gang, the NRA-opposed neoliberal gang which is fighting to maintain control over the “Democratic” Party base, and the Deep State gang which has been having some friction with the Trump-gang and therefore keeps playing favors for the neoliberal gang and making efforts to strengthen itself directly. I originally expected a public assertion that Islamist terrorists were behind this massacre, thus to bolster the Military Industrial Complex (MIC, a.k.a. Murder Inc.), but since it has already gotten it’s big pay-off this year with a huge military budget increase, as well as the anti-Russian propaganda and North-Korea hysteria, that part of the oligarchy may not be all that hungry and active right now, as it perhaps slid under a rock where it is now happily digesting for a while (you get the metaphor, don’t you?).
  3. Let’s keep this event in perspective. The corporate media love to dangle scandals in front of our eyes to make us forget the systemic corruption that is destroying our lives and planet (and which actually leads to most acts of violence) and the fighting of which that we must make our priority. When 200,000 Americans go to an early grave each year because of the air pollution the corporate state inflicts upon us, when 28,600 die early in our country every year because of denied healthcare, when across the globe millions of innocent civilians die to our oligarchy’s profiteering foreign wars and many more are turned into refuges losing all they ever had in their lives, how do 59 dead and 515 injured, shocking and terrible though this is, measure up? We must maintain a sense of proportion and root out the evil in our society which causes so much harm, anguish, and misery, and ultimately tends to result in violent freak events such as random shootings with which the media loves to bombard us instead of informing us about the root causes you mostly only hear about on unfunded citizen media like this one here. We will be far better off when we fight the root causes instead of going mad over the symptoms.

With this I will leave you for now. I may add additional news or thoughts I come across in the afterwords below. Please feel free to comment below and remember that you can submit articles of your own to get published here.



  1. The claim that this was the largest massacres in the U.S. conveniently ignores the genocide committed against Native Americans and the 9/11 event which – incidentally – also had a lot of items in the official story that don’t match up and which was exploited thoroughly by our establishment from day one.
  2. Easy availability of guns does naturally contribute to the frequency of mass shootings in the States, but other factors – like motive or emotional state – should never be underestimated or overlooked. The establishment-owned mass media like to overlook them since the stress suffered by countless Americans from our gross economic inequality, shameful poverty, fear of poverty, abuse by employers, and our artificially stirred flames of division across lines of ethnicity, identity politics, and so on, are caused by the corrupt status quo from which the establishment draws profit. This, I suspect is a much bigger cause of domestic mass shootings than our gun culture. Since our government has been bought by the rulers of the establishment (the robber billionaires as I call them), and becomes increasingly militarized and oppressive, now is hardly a good time to insist on disarmament of the people. Our ush for economic fairness and a functioning democracy should be our chief concern, not barking at each other across party duopoly lines over gun laws.
  3. Update: The injured victims of the massacre are already being hit by huge hospital bills and looming bankruptcy over something they did not cause. Oh what a wonderful nation! America: #1 — #1 in financial captivity and injustice.
  4. Class War PTSD: I went to school with the Vegas shooter (Greg Palast)


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