Ending Dissent in America (and All Chance of Liberty)

Scenes are popping up in America such as we are used to see in foreign dictatorships. Our founding fathers gave us the 1st Amendment (and several others) to protect us from a dictatorial government. We were always supposed to be free to peaceably assemble and petition our government. But now that our government has been bought up by the robber billionaires who already robbed us of economic freedom, political freedom is also being eliminated. Wake up to the United Tyranny of America.

Steve Grumbine who has been on a journey of political awakening, starting on the political right and gradually moving left, becoming a Bernie supporter in 2016, and nowadays challenging the false popular economic and monetary wisdom that keeps being used to deny us our fair economic share of our country (and thereby our lives, as well), recently gave a powerful speech about the now sharply rising assault on our right and ability to dissent:

(Note: sadly he posted this on Facebook. So, if it shoulld et deleted, you may not be able to search for it anywhere. If you try, maybe look for this description: “Free Speech, the Right to Assemble and the Chilling Effects of the Police State”)

Additional information:

  1. For details on the arrests and criminalization of about 200 people who may be facing years – or even decades – in prison by “guilt” of association or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time (which is to say being in an American street — don’t ever commit that “crime”), you can read more here.
  2. Institutions, government practices, and laws to suppress free thought and speech: Goodbye, Freedom of Thought, Speech, Assembly, and Petition (Political Storm)
  3. Innocent until Proven Guilty? – Not in the U.S.A. – Not if you Dissent (Beanstock’s World)
  4. Criminalization of protest. Jaw dropping legislation passed in Oklahoma. Implications for real political movements significant and frightening. (Sane Progressive, video)
  5. Redacted Tonight 6/30/2017 episode (20:39 min in)

Also, if you missed it, please visit yesterday’s post on the root of our problems!


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