Why America’s Corporate Politicians Let Their Elections be Stolen

If you have as much as one eye open by now, you know that at least some things are fishy in our elections. If you are awake enough, you know at least a little about our rampant election theft and fraud committed by those who control the elections. Now, if the rigging is as big as people like me report, you may wonder why our career politicians never fight back when their elections are stolen by the other side. A valid question, isn’t it?

I have come up with some answers to this before, but in a bombshell-interview of Greg Palast by Jimmy Dore some more reasons came up. So, I thought, I should briefly summarize those that stick out from a growing bunch of reasons which – by the way – illuminate how severe and pervasive the corruption among our rulers is. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and it requires that we fight back in full force on many levels. Voting alone won’t ever be enough.

Here is the interview, by the way:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bombshell: 2016 Stolen- But NOT By Russia!”)

Now as to why our politicians don’t fight rigged elections, even when it is their appointments that get stolen, read on: 

1.) What Greg Palast uncovers is that career politicians who stick with the corrupt corporatist system (that rules and exploits us) can get rich even after they loose their elections. There are all these cozy, richly paid, corporate lobbying and counseling jobs in which they get rich for not shaking the boat. But if one of them does shake the boat and seriously tries to out our rampant election theft and rigging, the corrupt machine will destroy him (or her). No lucrative corporate jobs for you if you challenge our rigged elections! Character assassination, political assassination, ruinous law suits, … and possibly even physical assassination are what you will get instead of a nice big payoff on which you will be able to retire in great comfort and luxury.

This combines into a solid wall of silence when you add to it other things I have mentioned before:

2.) If you try to uncover the election fraud that was used against you (say, in our corrupt Supreme Court), but our often quite corrupt judicial appointees strike you down, or law enforcement agencies don’t do their job, or Congress blocks the investigation, or you fail to succeed for whatever reason, the public will consider your attempt bogus. You will be smeared as a sore looser and have little chance to successfully run for any office again.

3.) Both the GOP and the “Democratic” Party have been rigging and stealing elections for as long as any of us are alive (probably much longer, all the way back to when these parties were founded). So, neither of them wants to rock the boat and reveal election theft, because the other side can hit them back in kind. I think this became quite obvious when in 2016, after 16 years of blatant Republican election theft, the “Democratic” Party so hideously and openly rigged its primaries against Bernie Sanders that only people who can’t handle the truth or are utterly uninformed deny it. After doing this, how could the “Democratic” Party have gotten away with going against the massive Republican election theft in the general election on November, a heist that included kicking millions of likely “Democratic” voters off the voter roles with the unlawful and outrageous “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck” program which the GOP, by the way, manages to justify to millions of gullible Americans with their myth of “voter fraud.” Far better to come up with a rumor about Russian meddling to explain away a shameful election loss. That way, the other side won’t unveil your own side’s rigging, and the corporate cash will keep flowing.

I hope you can clearly see that, as long as we remain passive about the massive election rigging in our country, we won’t be able to effect serious change at the voting booths. We have to fight for election integrity by outing and fighting every bit of it that we come across. Furthermore, we will continue to be in bad shape as long as millions upon millions eagerly and willingly gobble up the establishment’s propaganda such as that our elections are clean (the “finest in the world,” Huh!) or that false outcomes don’t come from millions of suppressed and miscounted votes but from a tiny handful of brainless idiots who would take it upon themselves to vote twice and spend years in jail for that — and who even dangerously crossed the border from Mexico in order to vote illegally. Man, if the two arms of our political establishment machine weren’t already overflowing with corporate bribe money, they’d probably hire a telemarketer to sell these gullible folks a broken bridge in the Gaza Strip!

So, as you an see, we are awash in false narratives poured upon us from above, and those upper tiers of our society are awash with rampant wholesale corruption. All of this corruption we must fight. And some of this fight is within ourselves. We must stop swallowing false narratives. We must stop accepting any level of corruption in our lives lest we widen our tolerance to accept this horrid level of corruption we currently have and which has been growing unopposed for a very long time. The buck stops with us. Enough is enough. No more corruption! Period! Expose the corrupt! Never again aid and abet them! Fight them every way possible and in every place: in politics, in the private market (including our places of work), in our schools, churches, and families… everywhere! And educate each other to crawl out of the fog in which we have been kept. Cerate a new American creed of integrity!

One thing we must also learn to do is to inform ourselves, and each other, about valid political candidates while we wean ourselves off from corporate-funded political TV ads. That’s the biggest thing we can do against that most effective stratagem of money in politics which simply limits the candidates on our ballots and inside our consciousness by picking shills to place on our ballots and parade before us on TV screens, posters, yard signs, and so on. Any expensive looking political campaign is an indication of monetary corruption, unless we know for a fact that it is grassroots-run by unpaid volunteers.

These are all things we can do. “It’s education, stupid,” as one might say. Well, that’s what guys like Greg Palast, Jimmy Dore, others I share here, and myself try to do. You, too, have your part to do. Spending the time I do (equivalent to a full-time job) may not be possible to you; but you surely can share the articles and videos you find on this site with friends and family, comment below to bring more life into the discussion, or possible even help financially (donate or help getting my online course going by signing up for it or referring it to students in need of better science understanding). We all can do a little. And we must, if we want to see a change from our corrupt downward spiral to a nation that can survive and offer all its people good lives.

Information sources that might help with weening us off the treacherous corporate media and deceptive political ads are information collectors like ballotpedia.org and opensecrets.org, people’s candidates lists like the Berniecrats Network, and independent media like this here site (which could use your help or participation).

In case you missed it, earlier today we had a brief post with a petition against more tax cuts for the rich: Billionaire Pleads for No More Tax Cuts for his Kind


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