Bernie Sanders Spark of Hope: Breaking the DP Chains

Bernie has been playing far too nice since the DNC cheated him (and the rest of the country) out of the primaries. He has been pursuing a strategy of changing the “Democratic” Party back to a working people’s party by putting pressure on the party through doing things like supporting berniecrats in their primaries and creating Our Revolution and the Sanders Institute.

But, in return for keeping its door a crack open, the DP has had him trying to sheep-dog people back into the dying party, a tactic that would coincide with Bernie’s goal if the party were willing to change. Sadly, this party (or more accurately, it’s upper management) has proved unwilling and resistant of change, voting against Bernie’s medicine price control bill, stopping Medicare for All in California, appointing a neoliberal new party chairman who then purged the Rules Committee of all Bernie supporters — the better to secretly take corporate money and rig the next presidential primaries in 2020 against the will of the people, just like they did last year. And the chief perpetrators of last year have been rewarded with influential positions, at that.

So, it is refreshing that, recently, Bernie chose not to play nice in Virginia:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for “Moyers & Company” and the title: “Bernie Sanders Refuses To Support Democratic Candidate for Gov in VA”)

Let’s hope he will commence to show more teeth as time goes on. Ideally, he should help get a real people’s party started (like the movement called “Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” has set out to do), preferably recruiting a coalition (convergence) of current third parties, since the “Democratic” Party seems immutable, the crooks at its top bring too loyally married to their corporate bribes.

I like Jamarl’s short and sweet principle pronouncement: “Represent my interests, or you don’t get my vote!”

That’s the very definition of democracy, and all American voters must grow up to having this backbone and wisdom at the voting booth.


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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Spark of Hope: Breaking the DP Chains

  1. I sure hope this is a hint that Bernie is willing and ready to dump the Dem party after the election. They certainly don’t give any indications they want progressives in their ranks. Just look what they did about denying access to the VAN info for several of the Berniecrats. Time for a third party, Bernie!


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