They Want Kunkle to Say Uncle

Another case where the establishment strangles the no longer free press:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “WaPo Threatens Writer For Exposing Horrible Working Conditions”)

Comments: Yes, sadly, these practices of the robber billionaires are nothing new. In the old days, they were called robber barons. They set up business practices to shift the nation’s wealth from the hands of the many into their own, gouged the people in the process, corrupted politics to make it all possible, and – when they had hoarded so much wealth that they started running out of ideas of what to do with it, or were getting old and facing the time of life (old age and its decrepitude) when we become increasingly dependent on the goodwill of people around us, or when the worry arises that their might be divine justice after death – they then began to give to charities, or even start their own charities proudly bearing their names, in order to make themselves look good. But when has one of these master thieves ever turned around to try for real absolution and do something to actually fix our rigged system?

Great quote: “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” ~ Honoré de Balzac

It stands to reason that Frederick Kunkle would have published his article in the Washington Post if the management had allowed him to do so. In their letter of warning to him they admitted, by implication, that he has indeed made them aware of the article before publishing it where he could. For someone employed by the Post and regularly getting his articles published by the Post it clearly means he submitted the article, was rebuffed, and then published it elsewhere since he had no other option left to make public the things he felt (and I agree) were needful for the public to learn about.

Note: this post was ready when the news was still fresh, but since I gain not a single cent with my articles, have no help, and must constantly promote my articles and search for better ways of distribution, I have to limit myself to no more than one post a day (usually), and therefore – when more urgent things come up or I try to bring a thematic series to completion – some posts get delayed. I wish I could just hand them off to a syndicate or such that would take care of publication… Oh well. Anyway, you can perhaps see from this and the report above, that our traditional commercial media have largely sold us out, that we therefore need independent media, and that independent media need your help, help that doesn’t necessarily have to cost you any money (although that is also an option, of course). So, please consider to help.

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