HELP! How Can We Be Heard?

This is long overdue. Millions of Americans have woken up from their fifty years of slumber, but they don’t know where to go, what to do, what is really going on, and that we could build a Star-Trek-like utopia in our lifetime… if only they knew how. And the few, like me, who do know, are struggling to make ourselves heard.

And what are all the awoken doing to get the word out? Close to nothing. 

We have amazing electoral victories here and there – like just now in Virginia – but they will only be blips on the radar screen soon to fade away if we, the people, don’t begin to understand the dark forces in our corrupted system, don’t have the vocabulary to talk about them, and don’t have the bold vision of our true potential.

In fact, there are millions among us, possibly growing, who are lost in fascist radicalism. Suffering folks (at least many of them have long been suffering) who aren’t skilled at critical thinking and who therefore let themselves be convinced by demagogues that it is immigrants, not CEOs and corrupt politicians, who have ruined their lives by sending jobs overseas, cutting wages and benefits, and by replacing us in the workplace with machines as they buy up ever larger chunks of the country that rightfully belongs to all of us.

These dim minds need education, from their friends and family, for they sure won’t get it on Breitbart or Fox News. And their friends and family won’t get it either, be it on MSNBC, CNN, or even PBS & NPR (with occasional rare exceptions such as we had with Bill Moyers). And as for the more informative sources, people like Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Chris Hedges, Richard Wolff, David Graeber, and little ones like me — we have comparatively small audiences, easily contained as inconsequential echo chambers. These audiences need to grow and overlap in order to replace the propaganda-spewing mainstream, or the American Public will remain in the dark.

That’s why I avidly wrote throughout the 2016 Bernie campaign, and why I set myself the goal of a post a day since a year ago. I did this to be an additional voice, because different people have different styles and get through to different people. Therefore we need a lot more voices than the few I just mentioned and the few more I didn’t. Also, I have an uncanny ability to learn quickly, to see connections others miss, and to create solutions most people won’t discover until someone like me explains them to them. I can chart a path from the hell we are in, which is far deeper than most folks will ever realize, to the Star-Trek-like utopia we could have but which few consider possible. However, what good does that do when my writings are seen by few, and those few don’t use them to make a difference?

Take yesterday’s article, for instance. It’s been two years in the making and has several days worth of man-hours invested in it, wherefore it probably should rightly be read by millions, or at least tens of thousands, like an article in a major newspaper to which I have no access, and – yet – when I published it on my little blog and, as usual, spread around links to it on Facebook, it got less notice than some minor comment on Facebook by other folks whose posts for some reason, some secret Facebook algorithm, are always seen by a lot more people than anything I postAuthors and sites like me and mine desperately need promotion, or all our discovery, thinking, and innovation may come to naught, humanity staggering along blindly as before, and over the cliff. People may know pieces of the puzzle, but if they don’t know the whole puzzle and the one to replace it with, we will be lost. Activism will be just for activism’s sake, accomplishing nothing in the long run.

I just saw a report on how “micro-influencers” in Japan are becoming great advertisement vehicles for businesses. These “micro-influencers” come in the form of teens who post wardrobe-testing selfies on sites like Flicker and who – at their young age and with their totally trivial posts – have already accumulated 50,000 followers. (Addendum: the other day I even heard of millions!)

It is so frustrating that I am ready to give up.

I have always been telling myself that, if only one right person at the right place and the right time gets the right idea from me, my efforts will have made an impact, and I won’t have lived in vain.

But what are really the chances of that when my reach is so much smaller than that of empty-headed, narcissistic teenagers and establishment-paid trolls? Possibly the Facebook groups I visit are simply not frequented by folks willing to read articles, no potential readers in other words. I may be spreading links in the wrong places. Perhaps I am just screaming into the void?

And while I write these lines, probably some poor working class white guy, who has been struggling in our corrupt system all his life, just like me, but who can’t think very well and hasn’t opted to become politically active and hasn’t heard the right voices to snap him out of his situational, mental, and emotional impasse, is loading his gun to shoot some random people as his way of screaming into the void.

I am asking you: don’t be that void!

While I can research, analyze, and create perfect solutions, and while I can write about them at least fairly well (or maybe even really well?), I suck at marketing and monetization. I lack connections and social media followers. I haven’t even yet found a single student for my revolutionary online science course (that could help people who struggle in school or simply want to gain scientific literacy), even though I am now offering it for free! That’s how hopeless I am in matters of marketing, connections, and social media followers. (I was born too early for the latter. My teenage years simply had no social media.)

What about you, though?

If researching facts, framing news meaningfully, doing deep system analysis, building a bright and bold vision for the future we can achieve, and writing about all that, are not the things you are good at, what about the many other things that you may be good at and that are required for necessary voices to be heard by the many so they stop groping in the dark and expending their energies in futile, doomed maneuvers; voices and messages they need to hear so they can overcome the obscene wealth and political power of the plutocratic few?

I am talking about all the ancillary things I must try and do but lack time for and am not good at: making royalty-free graphics, finding large outlets, seeking pay for my work, getting way more reach on free outlets and social media. ..

So, if you are not, like me, spending every spare minute on analyzing our rigged system down to the smallest nuts and bolts and spreading understanding and ideas that a people’s movement desperately needs, perhaps you can help in other ways like sharing my articles on your social media, telling me about some great outlet you know about where articles are read by many people (or where authors even get paid – the holy grail!). Or perhaps you know a wealthy but good-hearted person (perhaps the only one in human history) or someone who holds a key position in a sufficiently funded activist or philanthropic organization and whom you could talk into creating a syndicate for the people’s voices (another holy grail!).

Or maybe you can’t do any of those things but have enough money to spare that you could become a patron of this site? At the time of this writing you would be the first one and your donation could become the seed money for more to follow.

Any of these things could do wonders. Even just commenting on my articles here to get a discussion going would be great. You could also help by submitting good, fitting articles of your own on my contact form here to maybe reduce my journalistic workload which I have to juggle with pointless day jobs (or currently with the search for one). Alternatively, you might be able to refer me to a telecommuting job vacancy that would actually be in harmony with my politically educational writing instead of being its exact adversary like my jobs have always been? Or maybe you could connect me with like-minded people I could work with and vice versa, so we are less alone and can spread out the work a little and breathe?

The fact is, we – the people – have a giant monster to overcome, a deep, systemic corruption interwoven with a thoroughly manipulated, ignorant, deluded, misled, and defeatist public mindset. The establishment has the institutions, the access, the connections, and all the money, plus generations worth of cultivated public stupor. We have only each other. I plead with you: Do… your… part!

To highlight it, among the cost-free, simple things you could do, and for which you need no special connections, there is this quick and easy thing: simply sharing the posts here on your social media. For this you probably should sign up for automatic notification when posts are published (right side of the screen, at least on computers) or regularly visit our associated Facebook Page: The People’s Platform (USA) where most posts are announced.

Thanks for putting up with this rant (or pledge) all the way to the end. I ask you, please do your part to help!


Addendum: Originally, my plan for today was to publish a peace on an amazing radical alternative to the traditional economic models people know of, one which would be an essential pillar for a Star-Trek-like marvelous society; but I asked myself what good it would do if I published it into a void.


Independent media are critical! Let us help each other! Share articles. Comment. Submit guest posts. Help in other ways. Or beat your cryptic and boring science classes with Beanstock’s help for a mutual win-win!

5 thoughts on “HELP! How Can We Be Heard?

  1. I sympathize with your plight of not being heard (and being miserable at marketing!). There are things you can do, however. The biggest thing might be social media: Increasingly, traffic comes more from Facebook and Twitter than from search engines like Google. Google’s algorithm that determines how high up your page shows in results gives preferences if it can detect social media on your site. Ultimately though, Google will show you higher if you are linked by other authoritative sites. Maybe you can join like-minded community of bloggers and in social media with the hope of getting link backs?

    Or perhaps you’re simply not producing what your audience is interested in. A quick check: Go to your analytics and see how long readers stick around. If your average is less than a few seconds, this is probably the case. Readers see your content, determine it’s not interesting to them, and bounce.

    Rather than post everyday, it might be more worthwhile in the long run to get some books on digital marketing and search engine optimization and study up for a few weeks.

    Hope that’s helpful.


    1. Thank you very much for your detailed comment and advice, Ben. I truly appreciate.

      I will, as briefly as possible, respond to clarify things for both you and others reading this.

      ___not being heard___

      To clarify, I am not attention-hungry in the slightest. I have insights to share which I encounter typically only piecemeal in non-mainstream outlets which to me seems entirely insufficient. That’s why I have been striving like this.

      ___do more social media___

      I have been spending a woeful amount on time on social media, trying to learn them and to promote my writings (and the work of others). The time lost browsing to some 40+ Facebook Groups and entering captcha codes in order to be allowed by Facebook to post is one of the things that make me want to stop all efforts, especially when I see how small the effect is compared to people who have little to nothing to say. Twitter seems to be an even worse scream into the void. If few people follow you, few see your tweets, and so you rarely get a new follower. There is too much noise out there on social media, usually about meaningless stuff.

      Hence my plea today for others who have a much greater weight than I in social media, or who have like-minded social media friends, to lend their help and share articles and videos from me and other isolated thinkers. Most of us anti-establishment writers and thinkers don’t get access to mass media, and we often don’t have large social media networks that grew out of teenage activities. So we can really use the help of others to spread the word.

      > ___join like-minded blogger communities___

      Maybe I could, if I knew how. I find like-minded bloggers as hard to find as I am, and hard to contact. What’s more, even when I make contact, we all lack the kind of infrastructure to make joint blogging, guest blogging, and such easy, and — splintered as we are — we may view ourselves in competition with one another rather than having available a large and well-oiled platform where we could all build and share audiences and maybe specialize in our greatest strengths.

      ___perhaps your audience is not interested___

      I know there are people out there who are interested, but me finding them or them finding me is the difficulty. Hence my plea for others to help make connections. The more people who share my pieces, the more will see them and may start following this blog. Or perhaps I can join an outlet that already has a large audience and can work well with me.

      Building large audiences tends to take years (and often is serendipitous, like starting with music or comedy), and most of us who must rent out our time to earn a living cannot keep at this for so many years. Even traditional journalists and newspapers are rapidly losing their economic foothold. That’s why we, the people, who need informed change must find a way not to let useful media and authors die on the vine.

      ___Check analytics for how long readers stick around___

      My WordPress analytics, powered by Jetpack, doesn’t seem to have such information.

      ___read books on digital marketing___

      I have been thinking hard about scaling back my quantity which had two goals: (1) attempting to build a community for like-minded bloggers and readers and (2) proving to potential goal-matching employers or partners that I can be productive.

      I would (or soon will?) scale back, not to read marketing books, but in order to finish writing my traditional-politics-busting book, and maybe also spend more time looking for outlets or communities. With marketing books I’d only waste time. I have worked in many professions and jobs. Typically you have a team of specialists, each doing their own thing that they are good at, each complimentary to everyone else, and thus the business runs well. When each single author has to try and also do all the other jobs related to publishing, like graphics, marketing, technology, and monetization, we become diluted in tasks we will never be good at, making this a self-defeating proposition.

      Thanks again for weighing in, Ben. Hopefully more tips or connections will be forthcoming. I feel that I am too isolated a preacher in the desert to continue this way for long.


  2. I hear ya… I feel like I’m shouting into the wind most days, too. We’ve gotta keep it up anyway. The Revolution needs people like us… Those who won’t compromise the progressive message no matter how hard it gets. Power to the people!


    1. Hi, Cindy. You’re right, of course. I only fear that we stay so marginalized that we won’t be heard and the revolution will collapse out of lack of shared insights and ideas.

      I was recently contacted by someone who asked me for contributions to his site that is currently under construction. He also asked if I knew others, too, and I naturally mentioned you and someone else we both know. If the whole thing doesn’t end in a still-birth, you may thus be contacted in the foreseeable future. 😉

      Community! Together we are strong! 🙂


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