Election Allegory: The Robbed Town That is not Supposed to Care

There was a western town whose only bank was robbed by a gang of bandits. All the town’s residents lost their retirement savings, their down payment savings, their life’s savings, pretty much the whole town. Nationwide, law enforcement, politicians – and the “free” press, as well – kept playing down the robbery as if it had never happened. Mounting massive evidence was blithely ignored. And when some of the bandits publicly confessed the robbery a year later, the country’s politicians and the news media told the town’s residents that they should shut up about the affair because it was old news.

In truth, I just invented this town and its bank as an allegory for our democracy which was so blatantly robbed during the 2016 “Democratic” primaries by the neoliberal establishment in a coordinated theft conducted both at the national and the state levels, that only people whose heads are stuck in the sand don’t know about it.

What’s all this talk about moving on and forgetting about the “old news?” Is our democracy so unimportant? Can we get a fair and healthy economy – and a government that serves the people – any other way than through democracy?

I am not saying we don’t have to look to the future. Of course, we do. But if we ignore the ways by which our democracy gets stolen from us right in front of our eyes, what chance will we have to fight for a better future?

So, those out there who keep poo-pooing the massive rigging and lack of integrity of our elections are doing a huge disservice to their country and fellow citizens, if not in fact themselves (the latter depends on how privileged their lives are or aren’t). In fact, they are aiding and abetting those traitors who stole our democracy.

They should wake up to the reality that when we don’t have a functioning democracy, a bloody revolution is the only way for the disowned people of a nation to liberated itself from the life-gouging perpetrated by a deeply corrupt fusion of government and a private sector possessed and controlled by inhumane robber billionaires. Is that what you want? Do you prefer a bloody revolution to a functioning democracy? Or are you perhaps keen for a brutal, fascist dictatorship to head them both off instead? Think about it. Think hard.


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