The People’s Movement is Born

Finally, the people’s coalition I called for over a year ago seems to be launching.

It has been brewing for a while. In 2008, a landslide of votes put Obama in office because he had promised hope and change. Starting around 2009, the Tea Party was formed to co-opt rebellious right-wing Americans. In 2016, a storm swept through our elections, boosting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. We are still in trouble. Time and again, we were cheated and lied to. But we are not done. The American People still needs and wants change, and we will keep fighting for it. Now a people’s movement is being born that transcends political party lines.

Important facts:

  1. The twin-party tyranny has sold us out to the robber billionaires and driven our country to the brink of collapse.
  2. The American People is sick and tired of the twin-party tyranny. Independents are now the largest voting bloc. And, according to Gallop, around 60% of Americans want a new major party, and the trend has been rising for years.
  3. The efforts to flood and take over the “Democratic” Party for the people have had practically no success. Even though some people’s candidates managed to take over low positions, the party establishment still rules supreme and is blocking and purging those who don’t share their corrupt ways.
  4. If a political revolution fails, only two possibilities remain: a violent revolution and/or a violent dictatorship
  5. Millions have been leaving the “Democratic” Party thanks to last year’s rigged presidential primaries and the party’s continued stubborn resistance to reforming away from its big-money-in-politics corruption and towards fighting for the people’s needs. They, just like independents (and even many Republican Party members) need a new party to represent them.
  6. Existing third parties tend to suffer from low voter confidence and can be in mutual competition for votes. A coalition can help overcome that.

When representatives of the Draft Bernie for a People’s Party movement met this September 8-10 with other third-party representatives and activists, the idea finally crystallized to converge into a people’s coalition. While flooding the base of the existing mainstream parties will help to keep on the pressure, I strongly suspect that a trans-partisan people’s coalition will achieve the most. So, I am happy today to present a report on the official launch of the “Movement For a People’s Party”:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: »DraftBernie Launches “Movement For a People’s Party”!«)

The one part that may still be missing is the massive grassroots effort I recommended when I suggested the American People’s Coalition a year ago. I still think that all of us who can do so should engage in direct action, including the local hammering out of a broadly acceptable platform of public goals that most Americans can sign on to — and then implementing it in local politics. In other words, whenever we can to do something ourselves, let’s not wait for others to do great things on higher electoral levels. Let’s all talk to our friends, family, and neighbors, hold house parties or communal meetings, and move forward together. Even while we wait for national and state level changes, we can often make local changes right now. And also, very importantly, we must inform ourselves and polish our ideas to be ready inside for the changes we want on the outside.

Note: The new website is The older site (Draft Bernie For a People’s Party) still exists. The latter’s Facebook page has been renamed to Movement for a People’s Party. Hopefully, not too many followers of that page have thereby lost the connection. (Facebook is buggy about name changes)

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One one of its pages, the new website lists issues on which the majority of the American people, in contrast to the bribery-loving, corrupt, corporatist politicians in our twin-party tyranny, agree:

Equal pay for men and women


Overhaul campaign finance system


Money has too much influence on campaigns


Paid family and medical leave


Some corporations don’t pay their fair share


Some wealthy people don’t pay their fair share


Allow government to negotiate drug prices


Increase financial regulation


Expand Social Security benefits by taxing the wealthy


Infrastructure jobs program


Close offshore corporate tax loopholes


Raise the minimum wage to $15


The current distribution of wealth is unfair


Free public college


Require special prosecutor for police killings


Ensure net neutrality


Ban the revolving door for corporate executives in government


Replace the ACA with single payer health care


Break up the big banks


Government should do more to solve problems


Public banking at post offices



6 thoughts on “The People’s Movement is Born

  1. I did wonder if they were going to rename and refocus their efforts after Bernie sort of ignored them. Still, I wonder why the People’s Party doesn’t want to simply merge with the Green Party.


  2. I am pretty sure that the reason why they don’t simply merge with the Green Party is (as I hinted in the article) that the Green Party has a stigma problem of having been stuck at a small size for very long and also (probably) of being not mainstream enough.

    That’s basically the longstanding problem of all third parties. Converging into a people’s movement is their best chance to come into their own and use their existing infrastructures for realizing progress.

    If all Americans were acting rationally, they would all have gone Green and various flavors of socialist party long ago. Most people don’t think and act rationally very often, though. That’s where Draft Bernie comes in, riding the wave of Bernie’s popularity to advance the idea of a strong third party, a new one for all those who have given up on the old third parties.


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