QuickyNews: The Swamp Boils Over, Net Neutrality on the Gallows, International Neoliberalism, & The Unrig Summit

A quick news summary of this week:  


I. The Swamp Boils Over: So-called Tax Reform

The monster bill which the unforgivable thugs in Congress are pushing through has the following goals: further enrich the plutocracy by making even more cuts to the taxes of the rich and to publicly beneficial government programs which especially poor people need. This has been going on for decades and is only the latest installment, but at a time where by now about half the country lives in poverty while our nation’s prosperity is at its historic high. The House just passed this atrocity, and the Senate gears up to insert a deathblow to the financing of the ACA. In other words, in addition to this disgusting wealth gift to the rich by robbing the poor, the congressional goons are also still adamant about moving to murder tens of thousands of Americans by diverting their healthcare funds into the vaults of the robber billionaires. All year, they have been trying to do do this but met without so much public resistance they couldn’t pull it through. So, now they will simply do it in secret, hoping the American people won’t notice before it is a done deed. Another impudence is the elimination of the estate tax, a way too small tax applied exclusively to the richest of the rich to return a small portion of their loot to the citizenry from which they stole it, instead of given it ALL to their heirs. It’s not surprising that a billionaire president would favor such a bill. Talk about conflict of interests in public office. — The so-called Tax-“Reform” is nothing more than another horrible rigging for maximum tax-unfairness.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) suggests we massively call our senators, especially Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters today and tell them to give NOT ONE PENNY in tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations.


II. Net Neutrality on the Gallows

You probably already know that one way in which the establishment, this year, is trying to destroy all chance at us having a democracy is to ensure full media censorship by killing Net Neutrality. Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer (one definition of gangster), could announce his plan to end the free and open Internet as we know it as soon as November 22, the day before Thanksgiving, with a vote to follow quickly afterward. Our Revolution urges we call our members of Congress now!


III. International Neoliberalism: The World Follows the U.S. Down the Drain

The modern form of econo-political corruption known as neoliberalism (or corporatism), and sometimes also referred to as globalism because of its global dimension, is not only the knife in the back of America but also the rest of humanity. Some countries, like Germany, survived the Great Recession of 2008 much better than the U.S. because the worker movement has been eliminated less thoroughly than in the U.S. there, so far. Namely, whereas in the U.S. we suffered massive lay-offs, in Germany corporations had to negotiate with their worker unions and agreed to reduce pay and working hours instead of laying workers off. That way, the economic downturn was evenly shared as opposed to shouldered alone by an unlucky group of thousands of laid-off workers. Thus, when the global market recovered, German industries could jump right back into full production and employment, their workers still being their, employed, and in practice, as opposed to having been pushed into unemployment and/or hamburger-flipping jobs. However, the plutocrats’ raid on society has been happening overseas, as well, only more slowly in such places as Germany. So, now, Germany is catching up. One of its biggest manufacturers, Siemens, just announced it will soon lay off 6900 jobs globally, 3,300 in Germany alone (whose population is a quarter that of America). These developments will continue and only increase in rate as technological displacement from automation keeps marching on.

There are two solutions to this slashing of people’s livelihoods: (1) fight automation, (2) accept it but turn it into a good thing by changing our money flow, taking it increasingly out of the hands of the robber billionaires and putting it into the hands of governments held accountable through democracy. Governments can redirect the money-flow to keep us all supplied through mechanisms such as a citizens’ dividend (universal basic income) and public financing of non-profiteering labor such as parenting, taking care of our elderly, and all sorts of public services (something probably most strongly driven through implementation of a federal Job Guarantee that would put pressure on the government to finance such activities instead of mere make-work). A widely shared national assets system, as I will soon write about, could accomplish much in this direction. (Gee, I have to postpone it again!)


IV. The Unrig Summit

I don’t know if this will be good to attend by any of us who can afford to do so (I sure can’t), but in case you haven’t heard of it, another possibly anti-establishment summit is just around the bend: the Unrig the System Summit

Uncommonly, this one is announced to be neither “left” not “right” politically, but a cross-spectrum, all-the-people, anti-plutocratic-oligarchic-establishment. I have long been saying that the revolution we need is not “left” vs “right” or such but bottom against the top, for the top, in its greed, no longer lets us breathe. I only hope that, when we – the people – rebel this time, we won’t let ourselves be placated by a mere New New Deal but finally take things further in order to depose the robber billionaires and end obscene wealth inequality and the consequential evil money in politics for good.


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One thought on “QuickyNews: The Swamp Boils Over, Net Neutrality on the Gallows, International Neoliberalism, & The Unrig Summit

  1. Perhaps this “tax reform” bill will expose the true nature of the Trumplings and bring them down from within? (Or their supporters will all put their fingers in their ears and shout, “Fake news!”) Let’s hope this evil will bring down these fascist corporatists once and for all.


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