Andrew Taggart: Our Cultural Obsession With Work

It’s ridiculous. We live in a time when jobs are getting scarce (off-shored or automated away), more people working are not needed to produce enough as we already produce an abundance (we just don’t distribute to everybody!) — and, yet, many people have a hard time letting go of the idea that we all must spend most of our lifetime in paid jobs lest we be immoral or have no purpose in life.

Here are the thoughts of one guy about our cultural obsession with work:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Can Universal Basic Income End Our Cultural Obsession With Work? | Philosopher Andrew Taggart”)

Note: A family emergency is cutting down on my time to post this week. In itself, this serves as evidence that our obsession with money and paid labor is wrong-headed and our internal war over grabbing the largest possible pieces of the pie and kicking others to the curb makes for a sick society. Where have our morals gone?


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