Very Funny Show to Start this Week With (Mo, 11/27/2017)

Because of the serious matters that need public exposure, many of Jimmy Dore’s videos are very good but not very funny. And, yet, he is a comedian by trade (which gave him an audience to start with when he began political commenting, unlike guys like me who start from zero), and he just released a recording of one of his live shows which made me laugh all the way through. Don’t miss this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Proof: Democrats Bought & Controlled By Millionaire Donors”)

Jimmy Dore Quote: “The reason why half the country is poor or low-income is because both [major] political parties represent management.”

Jimmy Dore impersonating the neck-and-reckless plutocrat: “This is the world of guys like me making it impossible for other people to do well. … What’s your [effing] problem?”


Rich people like this gas bag of a fat cat mock poor people calling them “Bernie Bros who want everything for free.” My response: You are the guy who gets everything for free! You have others doing the work that earns the money YOU get. Let’s turn that around. Let’s tax your loot at 100% to finance a universal basic income for everybody. And if you are so idle that you do no work at all, you can continue to be idle, just not idle rich, because you will get that UBI, too. So, no worry, you won’t starve or go homeless because you have forgotten how to work for pay, or never did it, or there are no jobs to go around. The difference: we will all join you in that free money income. Sorry, you can’t have it all. We all have the same right to benefit from our natural resources, from the hard work of our ancestors who built this country, and from our economy in which most of us work getting only a portion of our earnings with the rest flowing to “owner” types like you. It’s time to end the “ownership” of everything by a few callous, reckless, abominable plutocrats like you.

It’s nice that the Jimmy Dore team also investigated and exposed this robber billionaire (or millionaire minion?) for the scam artist he is. So he hasn’t been idle all his life. Crooks actually do work. They work their scams. Only, how is that kind of work valuable to society, if I may ask? How are their obscene wealth gains justifiable?

When thousands of cleaning and maintenance personnel in time shares have a hard time making ends meet and this guy gets rich from looting their salaries, and when he scams his timeshare customers as well, where does he get off sitting on a high horse lambasting a few vote-begging politicians who try to tune in on the outraged, dispossessed people who are getting gouged out of proper lives by frauds like this guy? We’d all be better off if his timeshares were honestly run worker co-ops, instead of a business empire in which a guy like this sits like a fat spider leeching off everybody, wouldn’t we?

Remember always: We live in the age of unprecedented inequality. It is the BILLIONAIRES who get the free stuff! Free stuff like huge tax breaks, tax loopholes, tax havens, corporate subsidies, and government bail-outs of Wall Street. When doctors and nurses want to treat their patients, and we call for universal healthcare to make it possible, despicable parasites like this guy complain about “free stuff” and “entitlements.” But when their likes scam their customers and rip off their workers in organizations that would be far better off without them “running” them, and when they bribe our politicians and use both major parties as their puppets so they can get away with their scams and plant new scams, we are supposed to revere them as job creators and paragons of success, and the mass media place them on pedestals instead of interviewing good people who can show us a way out and forward.

Click here for more on inequality and the way out of it.


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