UBI to Balance the Scales of the Economy — to a Degree — and Change the Meaning of Labor (Video)

There seem to be two groups of people who are at the forefront of discussing (and usually wanting) a universal basic income (citizen’s dividend, free money not just for the rich): IT professionals and artists (in the broad sense, comedians included). The former because they are right at the cutting edge of robotics and artificial intelligence giving them a first class view of the coming tsunami of jobs automated out of existence. The latter because they have always been intimately familiar with low and precarious income. Since I have belonged to both groups, it is therefore no surprise that I love the idea (when properly implemented and not left alone as a single silver bullet, as I know that no single program will cure all ills — other things like a Federal Job Guarantee and pay-with-assets would also help, best when used together).

Since I have already presented a lot of proponents and arguments from the first group, it may be time to showcase a video from the second. Thanks to Cindy Matthews, another great blogger who alerted me to it. Yes, this one is really good:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Universal Basic Income Will Change Labor”)

Some good points: 


  1. Poverty: End poverty by limiting the degree of financial inequality at the bottom.
  2. The meaning of labor: Make labor to be about progressing forward, not just bare survival.
  3. Democracy: A less struggling majority of the people can also become more politically active to gain a say. Becoming co-owners of the economy can also make them feel more politically responsible.
  4. Beware: Rent and other money holes (like healthcare) must be controlled for a UBI not to be undercut.


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One thought on “UBI to Balance the Scales of the Economy — to a Degree — and Change the Meaning of Labor (Video)

  1. Krish Mohan is a very smart comedian (like Jimmy Dore, but perhaps more cerebral). His commentary on UBI and other topics is top notch. Please go and subscribe to his You Tube channel and e-newsletter.


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