Dance of the Vampires around Net Neutrality

In case you haven’t noticed, we live not in a democracy and just economy but a cruelly callous oligarchy which concentrates all wealth and authority in the hands of a few robber billionaires and their millionaire minions. Part of the latter group are establishment “journalists” and news anchors, as well as the corporate stooges who get plugged into federal agencies whose official task it is to regulate the corporations from which these stooges come and to which they return after their agency stint to get repaid for their treason in millions of blood money. And when these various kinds of millionaire minions meet to dish out a buffet of misrepresentations and lies to the (often all too gullible) public, it reminds me of a dance of vampires. Watch how they are leading each other in their carefully choreographed minuets and baroque pavannes, the Grand Ball of Bloodsuckers:

(warning: watching these creeps can give you indigestion)

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Pai’s Lies | Episode 121”)


A particularly good spot in this lengthy video is at 44:21 minutes, where a member of the FCC’s upper management powerfully speaks out against this despicable attack on free speech and democracy.

The shameless, smoothly psychopathic, bribe-greedy liar Ajit Pai presents the Internet as a company, but it is not. It is like our highway system. And putting some three large corporations in charge of the highway system, letting them strangle small outlets with expensive tolls or completely block roads to competitors is hardly a free and open market approach. Pai & Co further smear government protections of free speech as “heavy-handed regulations.” Employing goosebumpy words and truth reversals like these are how you dupe gullible people into playing along when they are getting screwed. Placing someone like Ajit Pai at the head of the FCC is putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Gee, Trump, thanks for giving us this murderer of democracy. Not that you are the first establishment president to perform such treasonous acts…

And how Fox “News”, obviously paid by the corporations who want to confiscate the Internet, smears Net Neutrality as an Orwellian term — (a trick of truth reversal which the Money Party’s liars always pull, calling everybody else liars and turning every truth upside down) — is really droll and a case in point for why we need alternative media.


  1. Ajit Pai isn’t just “ignoring” what the people want, he is brushing it aside. The big ISP corporations don’t only want to claw larger profits from us, they also want to push competitors and corporate critics out of the ring. In other words, losing net neutrality to the establishment means total corporate censorship of our last not-yet-completely-censored highway of free and fair information and exchange of ideas.
  2. As Mike Figueredo points out, it is very important to point out that the Internet is not a market all about providers and consumers; it is like our roads and airways. They should never be privately owned by some three or so corporations (who may eventually merge into a single one, the way things go in our monopoly-loving corporate tyranny).
  3. Mike Figueredo is very correct in pointing out that the Internet is the place where much grassroots activism gets a chance to form and grow.
  4. What this dance of vampires shows us is: brazen liars… a psychopath fest… corporate stooges shamelessly lying… brazen denial of the public will… fraudulent representation.
  5. All these corporate vampires deserve life sentences for high treason against our nation and crimes against humanity (namely shutting us up as we strain to organize and break our chains).
  6. It’s clear that broadband providers must be classified as common carriers (as the Net Neutrality regulations did), but since these immoral corporations keep slashing at liberty’s throat again and again, we should really go further and nationalize the Internet, kicking these evil corporations out completely.
  7. In 2014, Comcast was throttling its cable-TV-competitor Netflix. Now they are drooling at the chance to soon do it again.

What A.P. is doing is to make it “legal” for broadband companies to run protection rackets. Sadly, mafiosi not only rake in money; they also silence their opposition. As a former computer guru and web developer I can assure you that when broadband corporations like Comcast say they will provide fast lanes, what they are really referring to is that they will create bumpy-road slow lanes for those who don’t pay them enough protection money and those whom they don’t like. For example, trying to read anything on this here site may in the future get frozen out with a never-ending “page loading” message because I dare to criticize corporations and the co-opting of democracy by the corporate tyranny.

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3 thoughts on “Dance of the Vampires around Net Neutrality

  1. We need to have our cities and towns start their own municipal broadband services. That way, internet access is cheaper and freely available to ALL citizens, not just the rich.


    1. That’s a good idea. A local elimination of nasty corporations. An approach that frees us from having to wait for a people’s take-over of the federal government. What may take some time at the national level may succeed quickly at the local level. 🙂


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