Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy, Freedom, and Self Esteem

More than one thing is wrong with our economic system. Not only does it create poverty by funneling wealth and income to the top, and not only does it bribe democracy out of existence in our government and flood us with corporate propaganda through the mass media, but it also denies us a democratic say in our affairs in the places where we spend most of our waking time: our places of work. Thus, at the heart of our system, and the beginning of each workday, lies the anti-democratic force of property-based despotism that – like a rotten apple – spoils all aspects of our civilization. This is why we never had a full democracy and why democracy in our government was doomed from the start. It’s also why we must change our economic system if we ever want to have a democracy and a moral society rather than a mafia-like racket of the robber billionaires. In the following video interview, Richard Wolff explains this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: »Warning! Dangerous Thoughts: Richard Wolff on The Economy “What Freedom?”«)

Continued reading: If the topic interests you, there’s a very fitting article I wrote a year ago which you may really want to read to examine our antidemocratic forces from several angles (judicial, economic, and political): Have We Ever Had a Democracy?


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