Workplace Democracy (Jimmy Dore & Richard Wolff)

A co-op economy is a great alternative to our American one-share-one-vote anti-democracy.

Jimmy Dore held a delightful interview with Richard Wolff, nicely describing the core-problem of our economy and a bloodless, peaceful way out of it and towards democracy, first in the workplace and then in the public sphere (once the plutocratic oligarchs – our money aristocracy – have had the rug pulled out from under them).

Our current corporate economy gives 1% of people nearly all the wealth (including three quarters of all company shares) and along with it all the decision-making power not only in the business sector but the public sector as well. In contrast, when workers own their companies, when they can democratically make all the important decisions (whether or not to move their jobs to China, for example), when they can hire and fire the managers who work for them rather than the other way round, then we not only walk into our places of work with our heads held high (being co-owners), but our daily work lives are democratic in nature with important decisions reflecting our needs and wishes, and so can be the country when it is resting on a truly democratic base rather than the rotten plutocratic base we currently have.

And the best news is that the conversion from the plutocratic economy to a democratic worker co-op economy has already begun. Here is the sweet interview:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Solution For Capitalism’s Brutalities Easier Than You Think w/Prof. Richard Wolff”)

Note: Support at the national level, such as offered by Jeremy Corbyn in he UK, would of course accelerate and strengthen the economic conversion, as would putting a stop to corporate welfare and exclusive tax gifts to the rich. Hence worker co-op friendly policies should be on the People’s Platform.


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