Great Reads on The Revolution Continues

Both this and last week had very well written articles on the current hikes in Washington: the GOP Tax Scam, the move to kill free speech on the Internet, our for-profit wars, and more — many of them replete with very telling graphics and memes. I regularly point at this great weekly blog, and – since I have been focusing more on general economic reform ideas lately than on the current D.C. scandals – I want to point my dear readers at that excellent blog so you can fill up on recent stuff I may have somewhat skipped over. Or I could simply say, the last two posts on The Revolution Continues were so neat, I’d be remiss not to share the links. 😉

So, for today, I will here merely post some recent quotes from The Revolution Continues to wet your appetite (and link to them, of course): 

I. This week’s posts can be found here and sport nifty statements like those below:

All the above begs the question: where did it go wrong? How did the United States progress from the enlightened desire to prevent further wars of aggression through international law to the current policy of looting whatever it wants from whomever it can bully and beat into the ground?

We can’t stop them and their attempts to f*** the nation if we don’t save Title II net neutrality.

This week, make calls like your minutes don’t matter. You might not be able to afford them later. This week send even more emails to Chairman Pai and overload their comments section. Call the FCC, call and email Congress, and tell them we’re not going to let them get away with this. We rise and become vocal and save our futures, or we sit and die, silent

A new Americans for Tax Fairness report shows how the pharmaceutical industry will get an $80 billion tax break under the Trump tax scam while continuing to price gouge the American people.

Together, we’re demanding a tax system and a healthcare system that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

Cindy, let me be real with you. I make $8.90 working at McDonald’s, hardly enough to support my 2 kids and make rent. Meanwhile, corporate executives are living in unimaginable luxury on the backs of their workers and taxpayers. Huge corporations like McDonald’s don’t need more tax breaks – they’re already reaping in massive profits while leaving us to rely on dwindling programs like Medicaid and food stamps instead of paying us fair wages. This is class war, there’s no denying it.

II. And here is the link to the week before, into which I won’t dig too deep:

A brilliant article additionally adorned with a very good political cartoon on how the old American worker strategy of working yourself upward to a better life and nice retirement gets stopped in the tracks by our now utterly corrupted system:

Quote: “If you’re thinking I’m being facetious, you haven’t kept up with the news. Our supposed “representatives” have sold out ordinary Americans’ hopes and dreams. … And the saddest part is the stress of living debt-filled lives has turned many ordinary Americans’ hearts against their neighbors instead of against the actual perpetrators of this horrendous farce – the owners of the debt factories, the 1% along with their lobbyist lackeys and paid-off politician puppets.”

So, visit The Revolution Continues and enjoy the good reads and links to activist sites. 😉

4 thoughts on “Great Reads on The Revolution Continues

  1. The neoliberal globalists (banks and corporations) that have seized control of our government 40 years ago have suppressed the power and meaning of nation-state “sovereignty” (the government’s authority as a bank to issue its own currency for public purpose), by dishonorably forcing people into debt through private bank borrowing (monetary policy). We don’t need a private sector “toll booth” middle man to do what government can and is supposed to do – have a strong fiscal policy that invests in the Common Good.

    “If our present banking system, in addition to fraudulent and corrupt, also seems “screwy” to you, it should. Why should money, a public utility (serving the public as medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account), be largely the byproduct of private lending and borrowing? Is that really an improvement over being a by-product of private gold mining, as it was under the gold standard?

    The best way to sabotage a system is hobble it by tying together two of its separate parts, creating an unnecessary and obstructive connection. Why should the public pay interest to the private banking sector to provide a medium of exchange that the government can provide at little or no cost? And why should seigniorage (profit to the issuer of fiat money) go largely to the private sector rather than entirely to the government (the commonwealth)?”

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    1. “Why should the public pay interest to the private banking sector to provide a medium of exchange that the government can provide at little or no cost?”

      I fully agree. I heard that, ostensibly at least, the American government back way when it eliminated the gold standard decided to tie itself to private lenders as a way to keep itself from spending excessively. A weird way for supposedly responsible and knowledgeable elected officials to act.

      Anyway, whatever some of those bosses may have intended, we are currently caught in the claws of a rapacious, parasitic, and predatory financial capitalism that is hell-bent on making money from money which ultimately translates into robbing everybody of real-world assets (such as homes) in order to give that sleight-of-hand money real value, which is to say: the banksters and other Wall Street thugs are coming after our last possessions to make their new-found wealth real.

      That’s why we had the 2008 Great Recession and are about to hit another such economic crash.

      (O.K. in such a short reply I can’t describe it all in deep and perfect detail; so there are weak spots in it (such as the bubbles prior to the ending of the gold standard); but on the whole I hope this reply works.) 😉


  2. Thank you so very much, Beanstock, for the lovely compliments and the quotes and links to The Revolution Continues. Some weeks, we feel like throwing in the towel (it’s been a tough year personally) so it’s the kind words and the occasional “thumbs up” that keep us going, writing about life as we see it in the trenches of the 99%.

    Progressives can’t afford to stop discussing the issues and making a nuisance of ourselves. We’ve got to keep the public awake and aware of what’s going on. If we fall into ignorance and apathy, we’re lost. It’s high time for political revolution, so keep spreading the information and links, comrades! Power to the people!


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