Tax Cuts as an Excuse for Government Spending Cuts on the People

People need to wake up to the game that has been played by the Republican and neoliberalized “Democratic” Party to defraud the American People.

To summarize, our founders intended to create a government which would ensure liberty, justice, and prosperity for all. Any other kind of government they considered subject to revolution. But our government has since then be bought up by our plutocratic and kleptocratic oligarchs to kill democracy and have government do the reverse of its duty to us. 

There have been times when our government did work to fulfill the task set by our founders, like when it established the Social Security Administration, Works Progress Administration (federal job creation), Medicare, Medicaid, the G.I. Bill, and so forth, all processes which turned government spending towards investing in the American People, its economy and infrastructure, and a good life for everybody.

However, in the “good cop/bad cop” routine the party duopoly has played on us since the robber billionaires decided to go for the jugular of the American People, these programs of people-beneficial government spending have been cut, reduced, and eliminated over time, using as an excuse the false emergencies of “fiscal cliffs,” government deficits, and national debt. Typically, the Republicans run up huge deficits (odd, considering how much they always whine about them) and the “Democrats” then make the cuts to the people-programs, while both sides gladly rev up spending on unnecessary and morally reprehensible things like our for-profit war industry, corporate welfare, bank and Wallstreet bailouts, and so forth.

Interestingly, we never (NEVER!!!) hear a word about fiscal unaffordability in those instances. The specter is only ever raised when spending on the American People (the tax payers!!!) is considered. And when we become upset about how our government has been bought off and co-opted by the rich who siphon up all our prosperity through this spending on their corporations and away from us, we are being told by the same crooks who do all this that government is the problem and must be shrunk — by cutting ever more taxes for the rich and reducing ever more government spending on us (smeared as “entitlements”).

How long are we going to continue believing this fraud and edifying one major party while demonizing the other, even though they are both working hand in hand to defraud us in a scheme they are both bi-partisan members of?

It’s not the government that’s the problem. It’s those two parties and the robber billionaires, who are pulling their strings, that are. This is why I believe we must put breaking pressure on at least one of those parties, working to replace it with a new one that rises from its ashes like a phoenix, or even go beyond, building a people’s coalition from such a new party (or its birthing effort) together with existing third parties — and with local direct actions such as locally convening in every town to build a widely supported common people’s platform of goals for a bright future in line with the dreams of our founders and our own dreams. In an age when the American Dream has been murdered by the super-rich, it is time to create and realize a new one.

Robert Reich, who doesn’t dream as big as I, nevertheless is good at explaining part of the scam in a nutshell, especially for those who are less far along in their understanding of what is going on. You may want to share it with those friends and family of yours who still have to make up a lot of ground in their awakening:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Trump’s Trojan Horse Tax Plan I Robert Reich”)

There is also a piece I wrote for our last 4th of July which goes into more detail on the role of our government: Fourth of July, 2017: The Role of Government — Good or Bad, Small or Big, Dumb or Smart…?


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3 thoughts on “Tax Cuts as an Excuse for Government Spending Cuts on the People

  1. Gotta borrow this video for The Revolution Continues blog. Robert Reich gets on the “blame the Republicans for everything” game wagon too much for me, but he can make the numbers in regard to the tax scam easier to understand for average folk.


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