Starting the New Year Politically Aware — (a few ideas for change)

An altered mindset is the start of any change. One can’t expect different results from doing the same over and over. So, with a new year upon us, I’m throwing out a few tidbits that came to mind today and can help us refocus. (even though my impression is that today most folks are recovering from last night and won’t see this post, judging by how little is happening on Facebook today)  

  1. One idea out of left field: Let’s resolve not to let ourselves be diverted by another tragedy event like 9/11 which edified an awful White House regime giving it carte blanche to commit just about any crime (and that with 9/11 itself looking a lot as if that regime was involved in making it happen)… The constant bombardment with Trump/GOP and other oligarchic elite’s awfulnesses is also used to distract us, drive us into apathy, or bait us into expending all our energies on sideline fights. Let’s charge ahead with our people’s revolution no matter what is thrown at us to distract us this year!
  2. Public Campaign Financing: Since Bernie’s campaign we are being bombarded with requests for donations. Our pockets are empty. Our past hopes dashed. Our optimism shaken, and the (allegedly?) corporate-free candidates popping up everywhere like mushrooms are often unknown to us (we need better citizen journalism that so far nobody is financing!)Can you imagine the flood of people’s candidates successfully running for office if they didn’t have to beg us for our lunch money anymore in order to be able to campaign? Perhaps powerful public campaign financing should be our #1 short-term goal. That and forming a people’s coalition for a people’s movement, what think?
  3. Beware the Clinton Cult! Clintonites form a cult. They are not rational (except for those at the top who make money from manipulating the masses on behalf of the oligarchs). They, and similar neoliberal stooges, poison the “Democratic” Party, which is why third and new parties — and a people’s coalition serving as an umbrella for them (so they can work together rather than find themselves competing for votes and donations) — is very likely a much more promising approach than holding on to the outdated notion of the “Democratic” Party being the party for the poor and disenfranchised. Americans who are not slavishly beholden to the duopoly form the largest voter bloc, so a people’s coalition can overcome the duopoly. Sweep it away, in fact.
  4. The time is past for dillydallying around incremental reforms. It hasn’t worked. All we got was incremental worsening. The same holds true for our idiotic falling for the false choices presented by the duopoly’s “good cop/bad cop” routine, their ping pong politics of asking us to retake the government from one evil arm of the oligarchy by helping the other evil arm of the oligarchy… We need a battle of big ideas for a total overhaul!
  5. A prime principle: Our economy mustn’t be just about numbers. It must be about people! And serve all people well! So, let’s not stupidly believe stock market celebrations or doctored unemployment numbers, nor get stuck on macro-economics as the only aspect to consider when exploring measures. Let’s rather carefully go through the effects each discussed measure has on individual people’s lives in their wide range of life situations.

Sadly, experience shows (at least in my life) that each Happy New Year turns into another Crappy Old Year. Let’s resolve to fight for fundamental change!

So, if you don’t have to work today, maybe you’ll have time to watch this meeting of folks discussing the united people’s coalition for fundamental change:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Independent Third Party Voices Panel – San Jose, CA Peace & Justice Center”)

Note: As expected, my question of if I should continue with daily posts or switch to fewer posts (but possibly less hastily and thus better done ones) and thereby maybe find a little time to resume work on my book, didn’t result in a loud uproar voting for the first option. No-one depends on finding a new post here every day, apparently. So, don’t be surprised if from now on there may be days without new posts here. (On the other hand, I am gearing up to maybe start a cartoonist sideline here creating anti-establishment memes using scans from my old cartoon series. By reusing a number of backgrounds I may create from that series, I may be able to get quick thoughts out expressively with less work than writing full articles requires, and thus still post quite often and run a lower risk of running out of time and money and burning out.)


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours a month to research and write for this site and work on my book. If you find any value in what I do, please consider becoming a patron and supporting this site with an automatic monthly donation of $1 or more. If you can’t afford this, then don’t, but please share my posts, tell folks about my online course offering, refer others to this site, refer me to paying outlets or companionable fellow blogs, partake in discussion, or contribute essays of your own. Or help my book get out there when it’s finished. Thanks. Only together can we change this world. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Starting the New Year Politically Aware — (a few ideas for change)

  1. Well, drawing is a lot of work and I don’t care for it anymore. I might have publicly relaunched my cartoon series trying to reach a wider public if I had managed to find and partner with a skilled drafts-person myself then concentrating on the “texting” part (writing the scripts), but I didn’t find one. C’est la vie.


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