Epiphany on the “Leftist Media” Myth

For ages I boggled at the right-wing claim of the corporate media being left-wing when ALL the corporate media were so obviously anti-left. How could right-wingers not recognize that ALL the mass media were propounding right-wing views while blocking, mocking, and smearing left-wing views? The math just didn’t add up to me. 

But I just had an epiphany! I now get it, I think. The reason that people who – by a historic definition – are right-wing see all right-wing media (except for their own super-alt-right-wing media) as left-wing is that they don’t understand what left-wing is. Instead, they associate left-wing with allegiance to the “Democratic” Party, a party which long, long, loooong ago played slightly left of center, but has since then been right-wing for decades. Since they don’t know what leftist really means, they don’t realize that the “Democratic” Party is just slightly less right-wing than the party with which they themselves have been associating throughout all that time: the R-Party, a party that by now has become bat sh*t crazy, to quote Jamarl Thomas.

We have two major parties both of which serve the billionaire class thereby taking democracy away from us. Thus, in essence, they are a single party, the Money Party that has two arms. A “right” and “left” arm, both hurting us, both deserving to be broken.

The R-Party openly hates on poor people and steals from them to give to the rich while befuddling their constituency into thinking they are on their side through insincere promises (make America great again, bring back jobs…) and with identity tickets like religious intolerance.

Meanwhile, the D-Party winces and squirms, cutting the same government programs the R-Party wants to cut, with the excuse that they must do so to save the national budget, but saying that everybody will nevertheless be fine since they are the trustworthy party which will somehow avoid hurting the people, after all. Simsalabim! The D-Party also throws in its own identity tickets, in it’s case gender issues and such, that has many supporters being accused of being “social justice warriors,” something which in older days would have referred to class warfare, but by now has been watered down to identity politics, the stuff with which Americans are divided into ethnic groups and sicced on each other to disunite us.

The R-Party appeals to authority-lovers with strong-man postures and to selfish hoarders by promising protection from taxes, and the D-Party appeals to more socially responsible folks by pretending to care. Both lie. Both serve the billionaires to earn their hand-outs that will turn the party operatives into millionaires.

It’s really sad that so many Americans have been falling for these games for such a long time. And messing with the definitions of labels like right- and left-wing, often even turning them upside-dow, and making them essentially meaningless after so much warping, is just part of these mind games.

So, I think, I finally get it. The leftist media myth isn’t about political views at all. It’s about party-identity politics. My team good, the other team bad — which for far-right-wingers means: Reps good Dems bad. They actually have been believing all this time that the “Democratic” Party is a left party. Smack! It’s hard to grasp, but that’s what they have been thinking and still do. In fact, many supporters of the D-Party still believe it, too, or they wouldn’t support it anymore.

And when you consider how well the Clinton machine has gotten in bed with both Wall Street and the corporate media in recent years, there actually – for once – is an element of half truth in the leftist media myth. They are not leftist, but there are indeed some corporate media which lately have been favoring the “D” arm of the through-and-through right-wing(!) Money Party.

By the way, if you don’t know it: the historic (i.e. original, i.e. correct) meaning of right-wing is to be in support of the oligarchic establishment, and the historic meaning of left-wing is to be fighting for the people (workers, the poor, serfs, slaves…).

The fact that a lot of people confuse left-wing with “Democrat,” and with such icky creatures as limousine liberals and neoliberals, explains why people these days can find confirmation of the myth that started as a totally absurd hype bred by Republican-Party-aligned propagandists who were falsely claiming that all mass media were “leftist,” a trick with which to pull gullible people closer to their side by playing the role of a martyr party (a trick fascists have been using very successfully throughout history, by the way, so beware what this particular gullibility can lead to!).

Back when the myth was started, the R-Party propagandists were really saying that all the established mass media, except for the few far-right outliers they were working to build up, were aligned with the “Democratic” Party against the Republican Party, a false claim which was quite Orwellian originally; but by 2016 it actually became fairly true, at least for a large chunk of them, as they favored Hillary over Donald, Hillary being a more dependable or predictable operative for the super-rich while Donald, as a lifelong robber billionaire himself, was a bit more of a competitor for the particular billionaires who buy up our government for their personal benefit, as he might place his own benefit over that of his golf partners.

Related reading: I came across a piece someone wrote about a related myth. Here is the link: Myth: Hitler was a leftist. I have come across folks, by the way, who seem to be waking up out of a right-wing brain wash and equate socialism, communism, and fascism (because of despotic past regimes who either applied such labels to themselves or had them applied to them and were all despotic). It’s one of the reasons I prefer to avoid labels that have been warped and turned upside down countless times.


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2 thoughts on “Epiphany on the “Leftist Media” Myth

  1. I think you knocked it right on the head. There are no large “left wing” parties in the US currently. The DNC is just a slightly different flavor of ice cream called the RNC, so they are just one party. (I call them the War Party or the Corporatist Party.) If you want to be a leftist, you need to join an organization such as the Democratic Socialists of America (and many are).


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