The Essence of Trump’s Russia Deal: Money Laundering

You surely have heard about Steve Bannon’s revelations in Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” and Trump’s cease and desist reaction. What’s all the hoopla about? 

Cenk Uygur thinks that Bannon may be trying to leave the sinking ship. He also announced that money laundering (of Russian oligarchs) is the main story here. Nothing really new here, then. Money laundering is business as usual for plutocrats (see the Paradise Papers), whether they be our “American” plutocrats or Russian ones. Back when the Soviet Union collapsed, former KGB agents carved Russia up between themselves and became the new Russian oligarchs (a.k.a. plutocrats), turning all other Russians into their serfs and joining the global jet set side by side with our own Kochs, Gates, Bush’s, Hiltons, Trumps, and so on, who exploit and oppress us as their serfs.

As for election meddling, our usual oligarchs already have neutralized our democracy, haven’t you noticed, not even in 2016 with the blatantly rigged “Democratic” primaries? Billionaire oligarchs determine who gets on our ballots and our TV campaign ads. And as long as we stupidly continue to support and elect graft politicians who feed out of the robber billionaire’s hands, we will continue to be screwed.

If any Russian oligarchs participate in our American back of the woods, it’s no real difference to us – the people – I’d say. Whether Russian oligarchs participate (or African and Saudi Oligarchs in the case of the Clintons), being oppressed by foreign-based oligarchs is really no different from being oppressed by oligarchs whose “nationality” is American. Are “American” plutocratic oligarchs from Wall Street any nicer to us? Ask those who had Obama bail them out with our federal wallet.

No matter what the oligarchs’ nationality, they deny us democracy and a fair economy, and they are all jet setters who meet from all over the world for parties and socks shopping in London, fly for pizzas and beautiful beaches to the heavenly French Riviera, and convene for wheelings and dealings in Switzerland’s Billionaire Club, when they aren’t golfing, riding their luxury yachts, or lazing about in their tropical castles. It’s the oligarchy that must go, not the oligarchs’ nationalities!

Here is TYT’s piece on the money laundering:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “BOMBSHELL: Bannon Blasts ‘Treasonous’ Trump “)

The crack down on Russian money laundering in the U.S. that Cenk mentions is the Magnitsky Act which may mostly have been a thumb screw applied to alter Russian politics in favor of “American” plutocrats, respectively their fully owned U.S. government.

But before all those wannabe Trump impeachers jump on stage again, let me ask this question: Does any sane person really want Mike Pence to take over from Trump?!? If the procedure existed, we should impeach the whole billionaire class! As it stands, we need a 2nd American Revolution, ideally political in nature rather than violent. That’s where building a people’s coalition comes in.


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2 thoughts on “The Essence of Trump’s Russia Deal: Money Laundering

  1. I can’t be bothered with all this Trump impeachment business–it takes away valuable time and energy from the REAL issues like ensuring health care for ALL (especially our children) and protecting net neutrality. Of course Trump money laundered–ALL corporate politicians do! You rightfully pointed out how the Clintons and the Saudis were in bed together (moneywise, that is). People need to wake up to the fact that ALL THE ONE PERCENTERS are money laundering all the time and getting away with it because they’re rich and can buy all the justice they want, whenever they need it. I say spend your time and energy on building the political revolution and forget about the toddler in the White House. He’ll be gone soon enough–but will your health care still be here if you don’t keep working hard for it not to be taken away?


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