The Dishonesty of Demagoguery

Here is a little more info on the right-wing media’s language warping and manipulation (following up on a clip of two weeks ago):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Megyn Kelly SHOCKED After Suddenly Realizing Fox News Always Pandered To Racists”)

Speaking code among insiders and reeling in folks by pulling the wool over their heads has always been the strategy of the extreme right. This should hardly be surprising when you consider that the “right” has, from the very beginning, be a corrupt gang serving the ruling establishment. Its original masters were kings and emperors, the Catholic Church (essentially the first multinational corporation in history), and the landed aristocracy. Later bankers, industrial capitalists, and corrupt high-ranking politicians took over. The right’s task always was to befuddle sufficiently large segments of the population into acting against their own interests by baiting them with follies like nationalism, racism, or religion, all ways to give the gullible a sense of being special and belonging to a superior social group. It’s feel-good politics instead of make-good politics and usually at other groups’ expense.

Addendum (1/23/2018): In our military, everybody gets brainwashed by Fox-“News” per force according to this report: EXCLUSIVE: 2-tour Iraq veteran exposes deliberate right wing brainwashing in the military


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