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An Ashoka-related speech at the Digital-Life-Design conference of 2016 (shared by me below) inspired me to ask my own burning question for change: What if we could discuss and promote ideas for profoundly system-changing human progress so energetically as to overcome systemic resistance, establishment propaganda, and demagoguery?

I like to think that this would result in greatly accelerated generation, refinement, promotion, and realization of those game-changing ideas. I imagine it being a small step for social investors that would result in a giant leap for mankind, to roughly quote the first man on the moon. 

Obviously, I am not just talking about small improvements here and there (like microcredit or greener cities) to which current social entrepreneurship seems to be limited. I am talking about revolutionary changes (without violent revolutions) to change our wide-spread Hell on Earth of today into a veritable Heaven on Earth. I am talking about creating a worldwide deep understanding of humanity’s hang-ups coupled with a refinement and promotion of game-changing ideas which will make current attempts at minimum wage laws or progressive taxation look unimaginative, feeble, and outdated; and which will elevate ideas like a universal basic income, federal jobs guarantee, and a shared assets economy to entirely new levels interwoven with other far-reaching systemic change that alters human life, our material reality, consciousness, and civilization in profound and supremely satisfying ways, catapulting us into a still Utopian-seeming world such as we glimpsed in Science Fiction productions like the famous Star Trek franchise.

I am talking about sweeping away our current counterproductive power games and jealous angling for personal advantage over others, and replacing these primitive customs with a much wiser mentality and conduct ready to properly address such urgent issues as environmental destruction, social disintegration, poverty, war, self-destructing economies, and something we currently do our best to ignore: our short lifespans and the disastrous ravages of aging (from which even the rich who can escape some of the other mentioned problems aren’t safe).

In other words, I am talking about a historic leap forward to catch up our ethics, wisdom, and cultures with our technological advances and unlock the full potential of humanity which is currently largely neutralized by human beings everywhere fighting each other and additionally derailed by an obsessive focus on hoarded wealth and profits. History has many lessons we can now integrate for solid, workable progress proposals and strategies leading to huge advancements our ancestors could only dream about.

Imagine a bright and ethical future allowing all beings to thrive, rather than humanity’s current course of self destruction led by kleptomaniacal plutocracies that focus on all the wrong things.

To build this future, we must lift ourselves out of the muck of our current infighting and shortsighted battles for money, abusive power, or the vainglory of social status. We must stop seeing our current mess as normal and natural; realize that it was created by advantage seekers and that it can be changed. We must learn to see the big picture and our true potential. We must refine game-changing ideas which go far beyond a little tinkering here and there, ideas which will end our nearly aimless confusion and pointless struggles waged against each other, ideas which will cause a radical shift of econo-social forces to maximize the potential of all human beings.

We could, at long last, realize the wistful dream built on the old proclamation that all human beings are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We could at last build a society based on justice, peace, security, freedom, franchise, leisure, consideration, dignity, opportunity, respect, care, and prosperity for all. A grand global human friendship instead of petty fights and cruel predatory or parasitic schemes. Successful living for everybody instead of mere monetary privilege for a few.

With passionate fans and volunteers; financial patronage; and monetized platforms, visionaries, and educators of the public, we could plant and grow the seeds for this revolution of human consciousness and ideas, the seeds of a project to redesign our world upon the concept of achieving the best possible life for all: nothing less than sustainable well-being for everybody.

I, and fellow visionaries, could have our avid research and writing financed, so we would no longer be hampered by jobs, job searches, and families who condemn us for “wasting our time better spent making money for the family somehow.” We could be linked to a publishing agent or syndicate promoting our articles, so we would no longer be strapped for time and exhausted by efforts of self-promotion. We could add video bloggers and video documentary creators to the growing team. We could start an online newspaper and media outlet (maybe even talk radio for commuters), as well as a new social media platform, wiki, and electronic voting system, all geared to the creation and dissemination of and wide public participation in visionary content for a maturing humanity advancing peacefully.

World Progress Inc., or whatever it would be called, could make the work of visionaries financially feasible for example by paying per article independent of where specifically it is published (like in outlets that don’t pay). It could distribute and promote their work on existing channels and build new channels to counter corporate establishment media. It could help worthwhile existing channels with their financial struggles. It could promote the work of its associates on social media sites. It could help with editing services and make photos and graphics available free of copyright-violation risk. It could help visionaries build momentum for themselves and each other by linking them into attractive packages gaining popularity resulting from both quality and variety. It could lift unknowns up through association with already popular creators. It could finance the completion of sea-change-creating books like the one I started writing last summer, but which, under financial pressures, I have had too little time and peace of mind to advance quickly (I basically need to take a complete day off per chapter which I currently can’t realize). It might be able to unlock crowd-funding, as well, for those who don’t (yet) have a large social media network of their own. It could advertise blogs, writers, media channels, books, and so forth. It could do what the corporate media do, but for desirable goals.

Additional possibilities exist when the driving goal is to unlock humanity’s potential for a thriving world. We could, for example, improve financial efficiency by creating suitable living and work communities for full-time participants in places where real estate prices and living expenses are cheap (since this kind of work could be done anywhere in the world and participants could move from expensive urban areas to such places where they could focus with less distractions and might inspire each other and better collaborate as a side benefit). Think of it as a civilizational Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley makes one think of making money. Could World Progress Inc. make money? It probably could at least recoup some money through advertisement dollars, a share in profits from sponsored bestsellers, donations, and maybe associated branches focusing on ideas that can make money from inventions and such; but that should not be the focus for social investors. What humanity desperately needs is a focus shift away from money and profit-seeking. It is this focus which has driven us to the brink. The investment we need is in system change before it’s too late, and many potential funders have enough wealth or income at their disposal, enough to invest some in world change. Small funders may make financial sacrifices because they personally experience the wrongness of our current system, and wealthy funders like climate change opposing billionaires Tom Steyer and Richard Branson could come to realize that our excessive carbon emissions are the result of our systems’ reckless focus on exploitation of people and natural resources for financial profit. Only system change can effectively fight system consequences at the root.

My blog (Beanstock’s World) and my started manuscript are first steps in this direction on my end, likely matched by similar efforts scattered across the globe by other lone individuals, but without promotional and financial help, and/or improved opportunities to synergize with one another, the chances are low that these efforts will go very far. We need to get the proverbial preachers out of their deserts.

To give a taste of what humanity could be working toward, here is a sample of articles of mine dealing with parts of the subject (not as thoroughly as my book, of course):

  1. What if We Were Paid for Work in Assets rather than Ephemeral Wages?
  2. The Shared Assets Economy – Part 2
  3. A Beautiful Future (Happy Thanksgiving)

I’d much rather focus on the promotion of bright ideas like these than the exposure of, and anger-stoking about, the dark deeds that keep hamstringing and blocking human progress while causing abysmal suffering. However, as long as the ruling class does nothing but block human progress, we must bring heat and pressure from the bottom, and those like me will have to do our part in fueling it. So, this explains a lot of my current writing.


Here is the link to the video mentioned above:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “15 Social Entrepreneurs and Their Crazy Ideas (Rainer Höll, Ashoka DE) | DLDsummer 16”)


This week’s Tuesday Post on “The Revolution Continues” had some remarkable passages again. Here are a few quotes to tempt you into visiting that blog:

Things got messed up big time for America because of the greedy people called the one-percent and their kiss-ups, the corporate-owned politicians of the so-called “two major parties.” Four years ago, I wouldn’t have known how practically identical the Democratic and Republican Parties are. Now I see them as they really are–as henchmen for the billionaires and wannabe millionaires.

Neither “party” really cares who wins the White House. That’s not their game. All you have to do is look back at the elections featuring Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. They both gave in easily when the actual vote count might have said otherwise. They couldn’t be bothered contesting the outcome because they knew they’d receive their reward if they didn’t cause a fuss.

Don’t know what I mean? Al and Hill are not hurting for money nowadays, are they? Obviously, they did as they were told by their super-wealthy puppetmasters in the one-percent. And the $400,000 speeches to Wall Street banksters just keep rolling in, and the laws get changed to benefit those very same banksters…

If you don’t let the one-percent and their puppets know how much you despise their blatant greed and manipulation of our elections, the you’ll get what you deserve–a world and future not worth living in.


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours a month to research and write for this site and work on my book. If you find any value in what I do, please consider becoming a patron and supporting this site with an automatic monthly donation of $1 or more. If you can’t afford this, then don’t, but please share my posts, tell folks about my online course offering, refer others to this site, refer me to paying outlets or companionable fellow blogs, partake in discussion, or contribute essays of your own. Or help my book get out there when it’s finished. Thanks. Only together can we change this world. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the link and quote from The Revolution Continues. One of these days we WILL get our books published and we WILL be able to afford to live by sharing our words with others. But it’s a struggle day by day right now… We’ve gotta hang in there a while longer it seems. At least we’re able to express ourselves online as of today. Net neutrality needs to stay as it is!


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