America’s Mirror Overseas

Life shows us that there are places and events which at first glance seem unimportant but which can teach us a lot. One such place is Venezuela, a country we may deem unimportant, far away, and uninteresting; a country with a government we have only heard bad things about. Why not innocently believe the claims made by our corporate media about such an unimportant seeming place? Why care about little Venezuela, somewhere to the south of us? And, yet, if we take a good look at it, we may discover that we are staring at ourselves!

Venezuela may actually be a picture book case of the very U.S.-based imperialism that we are beginning to realize has been secretly at work putting us, the American people, under its yoke. As, Chris Hedges likes to say, we are the empire that colonized itself. Mirrors were invented because it is hard to see the nose in one’s own face. Perhaps Venezuela becomes more interesting if it is our own mirror?

Especially when visiting here, you may by now have seen reports by the Empire Files which informed you about America’s Deep-State-funded government opposition and anti-government terrorism brought against Venezuela, and also how rich Venezuelan industrialists who hate Venezuela’s leftist (read: for the people) government intentionally cause shortages in order to destabilize the country and make the government look bad to anybody who doesn’t know what is really going on. Well, it turns out there is more…

You may lately have heard our establishment media proclaiming that Venezuelans are streaming over the border to Columbia to obtain food. Well, it turns out that the headlines didn’t bear out on the ground for a reporter going there to investigate. Concluding from the report shown below, any Venezuelan crossing into Columbia to buy food is most likely just buying back what has been smuggled out of Venezuela into Columbia.

Watch this very interesting report from a journalist who checked out the Venezuelan-Columbian border for herself:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Smuggled Crisis: Who’s crashing Venezuela’s economy?”)

It reminds me a bit of John Perkins’ famous book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

So, if you think that the global robber “elites” only oppress and exploit us here in America, think again. And our military (as per Trump’s ominous speech) working hand in hand with the economic plutocrats, that is nothing new either. Remember our war for oil in Iraq? What a coincidence that Venezuela is considered to have the largest remaining oil reserves, isn’t it?

So, maybe, just like our corporate media were lying through their teeth to get us into a war in Iraq, and its military occupation (as well as military ventures in so many other places, especially oil-rich ones), they may be pulling the wool over our eyes concerning Venezuela, once again.

Admittedly, it is difficult to know what is really going on in a foreign country, but I think I am seeing a bunch of red flags here. When I read up about the late Hugo Chávez’s political career, having been swept into power as a ferocious anti-corruption candidate, beloved by his people, and kept in power by his people despite an attempted military coup (probably U.S. instigated, as usual), isn’t it quite plausible that the economic difficulties being blamed by our plutocratic media on the Venezuelan government do not come from that government at all but are fabricated by our oligarchy like so much else?

Remember how our own economic misery was fabricated by repealing the New Deal, repealing Glass-Steagall, repealing taxes on corporations and the rich, and by implementing horrid trade treaties that permit outsourcing to cheap labor countries and importing from them with little or no tariffs? Remember how most of us were impoverished by our Republican and “Democratic” governments of the last several decades spending lavishly on corporate welfare and then claiming the government was broke and needed to cut social services and other useful spending while giving even more tax gifts to the rich? Remember the blaming of terrorists and Russia to hide election rigging and justify militarization of our police, criminalization of peaceful demonstrators, the placing of all of us under surveillance, and riding roughshod over our Constitution…?

How often do the mainstream media tell us the truth about these things? Their weather forecasts are fine, but can we say this about their reporting on our systemic corruption caused by the robber billionaires and our twin party tyranny? Are the mainstream media reporting honestly (or at all) about the means available to us, the American People, for taking back our country, its economy, and its electoral system to make them work for us, not just the 1%?

So, who are we to believe about our reality and our options for the future? I myself have become skeptical of the mainstream media, having caught them lying far too often and found them not helping at all as things kept getting worse and worse for us. Far too often have I caught them hiding the truth and colluding with the oligarchy. So, I branch out, collect information from different places and sources that are not all under the same corporate control. Then I put the pieces together, throw out the ones that don’t fit, consider the likely honesty and accuracy of my sources and the plausibility of the overall picture. And the picture that emerges, unlike the corporate media narrative, matches so much better the reality I can see with my own eyes all around me and that has affected my life in so many ways.

I sometimes find truth in unexpected places, and I am glad that I am not the only one double-checking on the corporate media claims.


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3 thoughts on “America’s Mirror Overseas

  1. When it comes to the mainstream media, trust no one. Thank heavens for independent alternative media journalists like Abby Martin and Greg Palast. The truth is quickly revealed by these brave indie journos.


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